Employment Application Form

Employment Application Form


The employment application form has all the important information you’ll need for job applicants. Just print it out and give it to your next applicant. If you want customization with your logo or company name, please contact us. It includes the standard fields of an employment application.

You are not legally required to hold onto applicants applications after an interview. Hold those applications for at least one year just in case you get a visit from the EEOC and they claim that you discriminated against that particular applicant.

You never know if the labor department may want to peek into your files, especially if the applicant reports you saying that you discriminated against them.

Furthermore, when you conduct a interview always have a separate blank paper to write on.  Having a paper trail is very important especially if it is needed in a court of law or a labor dept hearing.

Therefore, never write notes directly on the employment application form, instead use the separate piece of paper.

Never hire on the fly. Do reference checks, and if necessary, do background checks for individuals who handle money or possess keys and/or alarm codes to the business.
At the end of an interview always thank the applicant for coming in. It is best to tell that applicant that you will contact them at the end of the business day or the following day in reference to your decision.

You can also mention that you are still interviewing other applicants and that you will make a decision as to who best fits the position.

Always contact the applicants that you decided not to hire and let them know that you have hired a different applicant and that you will keep their application on file for future consideration. 

You can also write to the applicant saying something like, “We are unable to hire you at this time. We will keep your application on file for future consideration. Thank you for applying with us and good luck on your job search.”

If the applicant wants to know why they were not hired, you are not legally bound to tell them why you do not want to hire them.  In fact it is best to say little as possible because it can come back to haunt you That applicant may say that you discriminated against them. 


Employment Application Form


Employment Application Form
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