Food Inventory Spreadsheet System with Alcohol

Food Inventory Spreadsheet System with Alcohol

Do you have an Inventory system in place or are you a new to the restaurant business looking for a food inventory spreadsheet inventory system that will work for your business?

The Workplace Wizards have created a working inventory system loaded with bonus features to guide you towards great and accurate inventories.

Food Inventory Spreadsheet System with Alcohol  was created by experienced individuals in computer technology, and who have worked in corporate restaurants with proven systems.

You could pay hundreds of dollars for expensive systems or programs. Our systems are a fraction of that cost, yet it gives you the same results.

Not only do you get the system, but you also get valuable tips on how to conduct the inventory and monitor losses.

Most issues are not the inventory system; they are human error related such as:

  • Inaccurate inventory due to disorganized storage rooms
  • Not using a second person as a second pair of eyes (counting & writing)
  • Entering inventory numbers incorrectly into the back office system, etc…

Padding the Inventories – counting more inventory than actually on hand

Food Inventory Input and Count Sheet

To set up the system for the first time use began by entering in the product, product name, packaging onto the count sheet. Enter all food and drink information from your vendor invoices or delivery invoices  onto the food and drink input count sheet.

Areas to be counted are:

  • Walk in.
  • Freezer.
  • All Reach In’s.
  • Dry Storage.
  • Prep Room.
  • Kitchen.
  • Dining Room.
  • Server Area.
  • Bar area.
  • Storage Rooms.
  • Etc.

Once you have entered all foods and drink information onto the sheet, then you are able to print out the form.

Then begin your inventory counts.

Remember, once you enter in all food and drink information onto the sheets, the only time that information changes are when you discontinue and item or add a new item to the sheet.

Set the system up by entering the food and drink prices onto the food and drink input sheet. Remember when there is a price change on any of the invoices you must change the prices on the food and drink sheet.

Note:  As a reminder the product information and food and drink prices only have to be entered into the system once unless you are making changes on products or prices.

This system is simple to use:

Once you have completed your inventory counts enter the figures into the food and drink input sheet

Once you have set up the system then all you need to do are the counts and enter them into the system.

Food and Drink Input Sheet

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Food Inventory Spreadsheet System

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