Food Perpetual Inventory Form

Food Perpetual Inventory Form

The food perpetual inventory form is best used to locate when product has gone missing from your restaurant and who might be responsible. You may suspect that someone is stealing from your restaurant and you can’t pinpoint when the product went missing or who maybe responsible.

Use this form it tighten the gap, it is very easy to conduct this inventory. Begin by conducting your inventory beginning counts, add in any deliveries and subtract out the ending inventory leaving what is left in your restaurants inventory. Go to your POS and and take a summary reading of product sold. Subtract the POS reading from the difference from the beginning and ending counts leave what was actually missing from the inventoried areas.

In theory, the difference from the inventoried areas and the summary product report should match. The food waste sheet may have figures written on them, if so, add that figure into the POS figures from the Summary product report. 

Alcohol Perpetual Inventory Form


food perpetual inventory form

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