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Forms for Restaurants – How to beat your competition

Beat the Competition

We know as restaurant owners, managers and employees we also eat out occasionally. I don’t know about you, but many of us quickly start to critique the service that we receive from those restaurants.  As we are sitting waiting for our food to arrive at our table, even while involved in a conversation with those at our table, we also tend to notice what is happening. We do it naturally because we love the restaurant world. It’s in our blood… We observe the surroundings looking for employee interaction with customers, service standards, cleanliness, and everything.

Equally, you are dining out at those eating places you discover flaws all throughout your visit. You’ll also notice things that they are doing right. You compare your customer service to their restaurant customer service. So what did you discover?

Forms for restaurants can prepare the restaurant prior to any meal period.  There are some many forms for restaurants, each form serves a purpose.  These forms were created by individuals that spent half their lives in the food service industry.

If that restaurant isn’t up to our standards, we aren’t likely to go back. There are a great number of restaurants that are providing below standard service to their customers. Did you know that 80% to 90 of start-up restaurants fail with-in the first year? While 10% to 20% actually survive the first year. While these figures are scary, you have control of surviving or failing. No matter what the economy is like, you can survive if you know what your customers want and how to provide that service. Getting restaurant customers to say “Wow! That place is a great place to go!”  should be every restaurant owner’s goal.

Other restaurant owners, managers and employees could be sitting at your restaurant tables. They are critiquing you. One way to help you get ahead of the competition is by using every resource possible to make your restaurant better.

Have you considered that simply using a Kitchen and Server readiness checklists can help you prepare for customers and increase the “wow” factor? The kitchen and server readiness forms will help you achieve your goals.  Your goals can be easily obtained by utilizing forms for restaurants.

Are your staff trained in what to do? You may not realize it, but your customers notice if your people aren’t trained. There are really easy to use training tests for your service staff and kitchen staff that can be implemented at any time. This will help your staff be more confident and prepared to do their job.

Using steps of servicetime and temperature charts and other resources can increase repeat business and your bottom line because your service staff and kitchen have resources to help them be more proficient.

We love the Pre-Shift Alley Rally  Forms for restaurants was created because of the same practice that was used in many restaurants that succeeded. This gets the staff motivated and makes sure that everyone is reaching for the same goals you want from your restaurant.

There are so many different forms, checklists, tests, reference charts and so much more that can help you right at your fingertips on our website. These are just tools to help you take your food and service to the next level. Just like the cook needs the right equipment and tools to work, your restaurant needs the right tools to work.

Don’t let your competition beat you. Get organized and use forms, quick  reference charts, checklists and spreadsheets daily. They are an inexpensive and easy way to get your restaurant on track.

We challenge you to go into your own restaurant, bar or diner and sit down as though you are coming in as a customer for the first time. You know nothing about this place… I know it’s hard to do, What do you notice? What is great about your place? What do you think should be changed? Contact us and and see if we have anything that can help you get those customers to be happy that they came to your place and saying “Wow” to their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.

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