Interview Schedule Form

How to use the Interview Schedule Form:

As the potential candidate enters your establishment the manager will profile the candidate to see if they fit the restaurant needs. The manager will filter out candidates that they do not want to hire either because they have no experience or for other various reasons. No restaurant should ever profile employees based on sexual orientation or for disabilities as this is against the law.

Have the greeter or cashier give the applicant an application to fill out. The greeter will notify the manager that a candidate is filling an application. If the manager does not have time to interview the candidate, then the manager should schedule a time to interview the candidate before they leave the restaurant. Remember, once the candidate leaves your restaurant they are still in need of a job and they may visit your competition.

If you have time to interview the candidate, then sit that person away from your customers. This so that you will not disturb your guests. Offer them a cold drink or a cup of coffee until you have time to interview them. If you schedule interviews a really good idea is to call the applicants the day before the interview. This is to remind them of the interview and if for some reason they found a job, then you can remove them from the list. This will save you time.

Before making a decision on hiring anyone always conduct telephone reference checksAnyone dealing with money and/or possess alarm codes or keys to the restaurant should go through a background check and credit check. You will be surprised how many people have records pertaining to theft or embezzlement. The background and credit check will pay for itself.
It is better to be proactive. It’s your money do you really want to lose it or do you want to retain a healthy bottom line.

Interview Schedule Form

interview schedule form
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