Restaurant Cleaning Schedule

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Use the kitchen cleaning checklist form to assign tasks per shift and daily. Detailed tasks keep up your restaurant’s cleanliness and sanitation standards.

Maybe you ask, “What happens if I do not keep up with the general cleaning tasks?”

By not cleaning regularly, the staff becomes used to the dirt. Then the cleaning tasks compound and become more difficult. When you try to enforce it, then people resist and even overwhelmed at the challenge. As a result, you risk everything. Dirty restaurants attract insects and rodents. The dirty restaurant poses serious health risks to both your customers and employees. Unsanitary restaurants deter repeat business.

What about health inspections?

Unfortunately, a visit from your local health inspector can quickly shut down a restaurant that is not clean or sanitation is ignored. Maybe you didn’t know that customers can report your restaurant to the health department all because your employees failed to keep with a clean establishment.

Did you know the health inspection results are made public in the local newspapers and on the internet? Consequently, many people read this and pass on the information to their friends and family. Unfortunately, your business slows down and could even shut down.

Keeping up with daily cleaning is important. Set a priority because your restaurant’s reputation is on the line. If you want to be the restaurant the people rave about, keep it clean. Customers quickly see how clean you keep your restaurant. Do not be like so many other restaurants who are here today and gone tomorrow.   You can beat the odds by following a simple restaurant cleaning schedule.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist 


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restaurant cleaning schedule

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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Cleaning Form

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Additional Cleaning and Sanitation forms:

Restaurant Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Another great way to keep up on bigger cleaning tasks completed monthly.

Meat Slicer Cleaning Procedure

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Hand Washing Chart

An especially relevant reminder of how to properly wash your hands. Hang laminated copies by every sink.

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Simple and effective to keep your restrooms clean and organized.

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