Produce Order Sheet

Produce Order Sheet

As the first step, the manager or kitchen manager sets up the Produce Order Sheet by entering how much produce is needed to get through until the next order under the Par column

Next, conduct an inventory of the produce products and place that count under Inv column.
Finally, subtract the Par Amount from the Inv = Order.

Par Amount Too High or Too Low

If you run out of produce or end up with spoiled items, a manager or kitchen manager adjusts the Par Amount on the Produce order if you expect similar sales the rest of the week. When your restaurant is in a location that is busiest on weekends, you may want to set a higher Par Amount for the order coming in just before the weekend sales. If your restaurant does more sales for lunch because of a location near businesses, then adjust the Par Amount for the busiest days to have the freshest produce available.

Adjust the Par Amount until you feel comfortable that you will not order too much or too little.

Produce Order Sheet Example

produce order sheet

Furthermore, we recommend that you do not combine the produce order with your regular food order. The fresher the produce the better the quality. Therefore, most restaurants place produce orders 3 or 4 times a week.

Unfortunately, if you place a produce order at the same time you place your regular food order, then you are taking a chance on your produce being inferior. In most cases, your regular truck order comes in 1 or 2 times a week. That much time is too long for your produce because of the shelf life of the product.

In other words, find a local produce company that will deliver 7 days a week. Also, ask for references because they should be able to provide them to you.

Produce Order Sheet

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produce order sheet

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