Quality Restaurant Employee

Quality Restaurant Employee

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quality restaurant employee

Inferior restaurant training can establish or ruin your bottom line earnings. I have witnessed restaurants use little or no training in their restaurants. That is a restaurant killer. Quality restaurant employee training is an investment not an expense.

Quality restaurant employee training is considered a return of investment (ROI).  Invest time and money in training your restaurant staff the correct way.  When training your staff members remember the term high standards.  Never settle for less go for the gusto.  

Start-Up Revenue: 

What does start-up revenue have to do with training, EVERYTHING.

For restaurant start-up’s it is vital to have enough start up capital to hire the correct amount of restaurant managers and staff along with training them. You have to have enough cash on hand to train your employees and to pay them.

The first thing that you need is to obtain the correct permits. Do you want to open up an existing restaurant or do you want to build a restaurant from the ground up.  A turn-key restaurant is: buying an existing restaurant, basically you are just changing hands.

If you are constructing a restaurant from the ground up, the start-up expenses could be $100,000 to $300,000 and that depends on if you want new equipment, refurbished or used. It also depends the type of restaurant you want to open, along with the menu prices. Either way make sure you have enough capital to get you through the first 6 to 12 months until you begin to turn a profit. You need to pay your employees, vendors, rent, utilities, and so on.

Quality Restaurant Employee: Hire and train your staff members:

The best way to begin this process is to commence training with managers and key employees such as:

  • Certified Server Trainer
  • Certified Cook Trainer

Once you have fully trained those key employees they can train the rest of the staff members. It is recommended both the owner/district managers and managers go through the same training as both the front and back of the house positions.

Your restaurant will experience employees quitting, call outs and higher sales than expected.  When these events occur, then management needs to work in these positions so that customer service is not jeopardized.  Owners and District managers are expected if they are in the restaurant to pitch in and help stabilize customer service.

You can close the restaurant for the day; think about the revenue you will lose. Closing the restaurant is not an option, preparing for those events is key to continuing the interrupted service that your guest deserves. When hiring make sure you hire ACE employees.

Do thorough reference checks and if necessary background checks. You will filter out individuals by making reference checks and background checks. Just because the candidate told you or wrote on their application that they are great employees with a good work history does not mean it is true. Call those references to verify that information.

Restaurant turn around will break your piggy bank. Remember, you need to hire the very best, so do not hire the first person you see. Take your time and hire the right person with the most experience and the person who possesses integrity along with work proficiency.

Training your employees consistently and correctly will save you money in the long run because you will have less turnover providing that your employees are happy and your managers observe and correct the staff members. Managers need to respect their peers and treat them with dignity. There are some many factors that will ultimately decide your employees happiness in your restaurant.

Use the follow forms to help you in the hiring process and training process:

Restaurant Forms and Checklist

Restaurant Application
Restaurant Telephone Reference Form
Restaurant New Hire Checklists
Restaurant New Hire Orientation Checklists
Restaurant Server Training Checklists
Restaurant Kitchen Training Checklists
Restaurant Training Feedback Form
Restaurant Employee Performance Review 
Restaurant Manager Performance Review
Restaurant Manager 360 Feedback Form
Restaurant Employee Exit Interview    
Restaurant Server Steps of Service and Answer Key
Waiter and Waitress Competency Test and Answer Key
Restaurant Mystery Shopper Form Lunch or Dinner Dining Room No Alcohol 
Restaurant Mystery Shopper Form Lunch or Dinner Dining Room With Alcohol
Restaurant Mystery Shopper Form For Bars
Restaurant Cook Test  and Answer Key Version 1
Restaurant Cook Test and Answer Key Version 2
Restaurant Service Steps Of Service Chart
Restaurant Greeter Job Description Form
Restaurant Server Job Description Form
Restaurant Cook Job Description Form
Restaurant Prep Cook Job Description Form   

Visit Restaurant Forms and Checklists for more quality forms, checklists and spreadsheets

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