Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Sheet

Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Sheet

The restaurant alcohol vendor sheet is a great tool to record all your alcohol vendor deliveries. When the alcohol delivery is brought into the restaurant, then the manager on duty verifies that the invoice matches the order and the contents of the delivery. If the manager discovers a discrepancy, then the manager asks the driver to check the truck for the remainder of the order. Ask for a credit for any missing items.

Remember to make sure that the delivery is accurate. Unfortunately, the restaurant vendor delivery person may take advantage of you. Just so you know, vendor theft is more common than you think. Be proactive and verify the shipment.

Why use the Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Sheet?

To use the form, record the alcohol on the delivery, note the cost that is on the invoice and if there was a credit for any items. Use it in conjunction with the Liquor, Beer, Wine Order Form, so that you can also verify that you have ordered the proper amount of alcohol.

Ideally, secure all liquor, beer and wine in a locked room. The key to this room should be secured in the manager’s office.

Never give that key to a staff member, even if you think they are trustworthy. Most theft occurs within the staff, so protect your investment and give the key only to the owner or manager.

Tracking and verifying every order is important to maintain your alcohol inventory percentage. Missing expensive bottles of alcohol, deeply impacts your alcohol inventory percentage.

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Restaurant Alcohol Vendor Sheet


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restaurant alcohol vendor sheet

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