Restaurant Closing Kitchen Checklist

Restaurant Closing Kitchen Checklist

Does your morning kitchen staff have to clean up from the night before? Do your closer’s pay attention to food safety and prepare for the next shift? Want to make sure of a proper kitchen closing? The restaurant closing kitchen checklist tracks the correct closing of all kitchen areas. Furthermore, the manager verifies completed work.

Use the restaurant closing kitchen checklist to verify the closing tasks in the following areas: Kitchen, Dish Room, and Prep Area. The Kitchen Lead or a Manager verifies that kitchen staff completed all their assigned tasks and then closed down their area properly. At the end of the night, the Manager confirms that all the tasks on the restaurant closing kitchen checklist are completed.

The restaurant closing checklist sets the morning shift up for food service success!

Does your closing kitchen staff leave the restaurant kitchen ready for the next morning? This two-page restaurant form is an excellent resource for closing the kitchen, prep area, and also the dish room. The morning kitchen staff will be more prepared. This encourages teamwork because each shift prepares for the following shift.

Accountability is also a Key

This also keeps your kitchen staff accountable. You need accountability to pinpoint who closed the kitchen and what areas were closed down properly. Make sure you give positive feedback for a job well done.

Any areas that were not closed down properly should be reviewed with the closer. Always stay positive on work done well and allow the staff member to explain any issues.

Therefore, this will make your expectations clear. When you use this form consistently, you will be setting up the next shift for success.

Restaurant Closing Kitchen Checklist


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restaurant closing kitchen checklist

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Additional valuable Checklists:

Kitchen Side Work Chart

Using this chart properly and consistently will allow the cooks to spend less time stocking and more time preparing food for your guests. When cooks arrive at work they know the side work before actually cooking. They should also keep up with the side work all throughout the shift and at the end of the shift.

Server Closing Checklist

The closing server needs to use this checklist to ensure the front of the house is closed down properly. The closing server or closing manager checks out the servers to verify side work completed and sections closed down properly. Using this checklist properly and consistently will help set up the morning shift. Hence, each shift sets up the next shift.

Servers Side Work Chart 

The arriving servers need to focus on the assigned side work before waiting on tables to ensure that you don’t run out of a certain item. They also need to keep up the assigned side work all throughout and at the end of their shifts.

The Manager Closing Checklist

The closing manager uses this checklist to make sure all closing duties are completed nightly.

  • Check out all front of the house and back of the house. Ensure the assigned tasks completed and everything properly closed down
  • Staff completed stocking and cleaning tasks
  • Reconcile cash and credit
  • All cash secured in the safe
  • Count to safe to ensure the backup cash and rolled coins are at the set amount
  • Credit cards settlements complete
  • All computer and paperwork completed
  • Final walk through completed – check temperatures for all refrigerators and freezers. Also, make sure all guests and employees have departed the restaurant
  • Equipment turned off, including the grills, fryers, steam tables, ovens, coffee machines, hood exhaust and other equipment
  • Exit the restaurant with another employee for security reasons
  • Set the alarm
  • Never take a deposit to the bank at night time. The opening manager takes deposits to the bank

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