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What can a restaurant consultation company do for your restaurant?

There are many proud restaurant owners and managers who will not admit that they need help with their restaurants. In-fact most of these owners and managers are too close to the situation to recognize the issues that could be happening in their restaurants. A live person with a fresh set of eyes not affiliated with the restaurant will see things more clearly than someone connected to the restaurant.

How to survive and thrive in today’s economy

90% of restaurants go out of business the first twelve months, while 10% actually survive. These are true hard facts that you cannot afford to put on the back burner. You have invested thousands of dollars to create your dream either by utilizing your personal funds or by getting a loan.

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Can you afford cash in the trash?

That’s exactly what will take place if you fail in running a tight restaurant. In today’s times you need to be better than the guy next door. Years ago, the competition was not as fiercest as it is today. That is exactly why that you as a restaurant owner or manager must produce a functional restaurant that survives and thrive in today’s world.

I and my wife recently ate out at a new restaurant located in our home town. I am a restaurant consultant and I have worked in restaurant management for many years. It is really comfortable for me to point out critical events with my restaurant service. In-fact, every time I eat out at a restaurant I always manage to find issues that are connected to the service or preparation. Anyhow, as we got into the new restaurant in our hometown, we were greeted by a pleasant employee with a sincere warm friendly smile. The restaurant was empty mainly because it was after 8 PM.

We went through a number of service issues that are more common in restaurants than you would imagine:

  1. The server approached us and immediately asked us what we wanted to drink; she never introduced herself or suggested an appetizer or the nightly dinner special. The server returned to the table with our drinks and sat them onto the table; the server delivered the drinks by grasping the rim of the glass instead of the base of the glass. She contaminated the rim; this is where we drink from.
  2. We all ordered the dinner special New York Strip Steak. We even ordered an appetizer. My wife ordered a side salad. We watched as the server prepared the salad; the server used her bare hands to prepare the salad. I could not help to notice that there were tongs available in each of the metal inserts. Our server was not the only server that possesses the bad habit of preparing salads I witnessed all the servers were doing the exact same thing. I could not find a manager available to complain to, so I spoke to the greeter who seemed concerned about our issues. Later on the greeter spoke to the server about her unsanitary practices. The hostess returned to me to say the new salad will be prepared correctly. The greeter also told us the server could not find tongs and that is why she used her bare hands. The only problem I had with that is that I saw serving tongs in each of the metal inserts. That server was not being honest which leads me to believe that she lacks integrity.
  3. Over 1 hour later we finally received our entrees; just before the entrees reached our table the server dropped the tray containing out entrees onto the floor. The server was able to save two of the dishes the third dish had to be re-made. I ordered a steak medium done: the server delivered the steak well done. At this point most people would leave the restaurant; I decided to ask for a manager. I approached a gentleman that was wearing shorts, flippers and a tee shirt and believe it or not he was the manager. I explained to him about the service we received from the restaurant, he did not seem sincere. What he stated was he will remake the steak.

After receiving the check I went to the register to pay my bill and we needed to split the check; the server did not know how to split the check and so I showed her how to split the check.

It was obvious that the restaurant has serious matters with service, sanitation and training procedures. There was no manager presence in the restaurant and no manager table visits. Clearly the manager was not dressed to play the role of a restaurant manager nor was the manager trained in service recovery.

A Restaurant Consultation Company may be the answer to all of your problems. Let a Restaurant Consultation Company evaluate your restaurant to determine what actions are needed to move you forward.

Other factors that will hurt your restaurant’s future and your bottom line:

  • Customers are not greeted timely at the door.
  • Servers not trained in the six steps of service.
  • Long check times.
  • Substandard quality of food and presentation.
  • Hot food served cold and cold food served warm.
  • No manager presence in the dining room, especially during peak times.
  • No manager table visits.
  • Managers not trained in food and labor awareness.
  • Managers and staff not trained in proper customer service
  • Managers not trained in how to handle customer complaints.
  • Food and labor percentages are above the national norms.
  • Etc.

A Restaurant Consultation Company can help your restaurant move forward towards a health bottom line.

Are you experiencing any of the above issues in your restaurant? Are you losing sleep because of those events? Are you trying to correct the issues in your restaurant and it seems whatever you do it does not work? It can be aggravating or frustrating not being able to go forward in correcting your issues. You could try to fix the issues yourself, it could take months or years to make an impact or the issues may continue without remedy.

You will lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars if your restaurant fails. The longer you wait to resolve the issues the more revenue you will lose. Doesn’t it make sense to ask for help? By asking for help, you will lose less revenue and gain a functional restaurant.

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