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You must follow the law in your state in regards to running your restaurant.  Some restaurants are not following local, state or federal laws pertaining to hiring and paying employees. Potential employees may not fill out applications or once hired the manager/owner may not fill out any W-4 or 1-9 paperwork on the new hires.

Some managers/owners pay their employees a base amount or straight cash from the register. These managers/owners also do not keep records of payroll time and dollars.

Usually all it takes is a disgruntled employee to file a complaint with the labor department in reference to the above. Once the state or other agencies are in the picture it will be up to you to prove the employee wrong.

The labor department or other agencies will come to your restaurant looking for all records pertaining the complaint such as:

Believe me, you don’t want to travel that path, it may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and or imprisonment.

Let’s weigh this out, breaking the law or complying with the law. Yes, it is true, if you are breaking the law, they may not find out. On the other hand, you have a greater chance of getting caught.

Do you want to take that chance of losing your business or your reputation all because you tried to save money or because you decided not to have the correct documentation on hand during the hiring process?

As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Restaurant consulting services are the best way to ask for help in regards to your restaurant. Let us do the work for you, you have enough to do with your restaurant.

Do what you got to do to stay safe and legal. If you are a small business and in need of help with information on the above then you can contact Workplace Wizards, a restaurant consulting service, with experience that can help you in staying legal.

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