Restaurant Cook Quiz

Restaurant Cook Quiz

Restaurant Cook QuizThis quiz is great for new hire training in the kitchen. It is also very useful to use this as a way to test current staff to make sure they have retained the correct information. You could also use it as a “pop quiz” for the back of house, but make it fun to keep staff motivated. 
It is not all about selling food to the guest, it is about serving safe food to your guest. A good idea is to laminate the cook quiz and than pop quiz the cooks periodically.

All it takes is for one customer or employee to get deathly ill from the food in your restaurant and than your business is in jeopardy. A civil action suit will cost you big time. It is best to be proactive and prevent food borne illness. The best practice is to test your cooking staff on the final cooking temperatures and sanitation policies and procedures. Does you staff know the temperature danger zone?

The temperature Danger Zone is   41ºF TO 140ºF

Temperatures in between the danger zone are considered dangerous mainly because these temperatures in this range poses a threat in serving food that may contain dangerous levels a bacteria depending how long the food was left out in that temperature.

Serving cold food should be in the range of 41ºF or below and hot food should be served at 140ºF or above. If you have a hot station you should check the temperatures every 2 hours. If the temperature falls below 140ºF than you need to reheat the product to 165ºF for 15 seconds. 140ºF is considered the food holding temperatures for all hot foods. The cooks should be educate heavily in food safety and sanitation policies and procedures.

Restaurant Cook Quiz and Answer Key

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Restaurant Cook Quizrestaurant Cook Quiz

Restaurant Cook Quiz and Answer Key

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Restaurant Cook Quizrestaurant cook test

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