Restaurant Customer Perception

Restaurant customer perception, feedback from your restaurant customers is of the upmost importance!

restaurant customer perceptionWhat does feedback from my guest mean?
Feedback from your restaurant customers provide an unbiased or impartial judgment of your restaurant operation. It’s very important because that provides you areas of opportunities to improve on.

Restaurant Customer Perception – The Customers Eye
The customers eye is seeing what the customers sees from their perspective.

Sometimes, you need to step back and pretend to be a customer, looking around the restaurant 360 degrees. You will find eyesores or training opportunities. Use the feedback towards your advantage. Ignoring the feedback may result in lost revenue and or repeat business.

Restaurant Customer Perception – What are some of the eyesores?

  • Trash and or cigarette butts in the parking lot and shrub landscaping
  • Building need kept up and or chipped paint
  • Employees smoking in the customers view
  • Fingerprints or a dirty glass door and windows
  • Trash on the floor in the greeter area
  • Dust and or dirt build up and dirt on decor’s, pictures, shelving and vents
  • Dirty tables
  • Un-bussed tables
  • Dirty, ripped, stained employee uniforms
  • Dirty restrooms
  • Restrooms not stocked
  • Employees using inappropriate language
  • Employees horse playing
  • Poor customer service
  • Inferior food

The above eyesores are what the customers can see. What should concern you what they can’t see, such as, closed off areas for example, the kitchen, storage areas and the office.

Some of these concerns are:

  • Food safety issues
  • Contamination of foods and drinks
  • Health dept violations
  • Disorganization
  • Untrained employees
  • Preventive maintained issues
  • Fire safety issues
  • OSHA violations
  • Dirty, greased kitchen equipment, walls and floors.

Remember, if the customer see’s issues in the front of the house, then in their mind they are going to assume there are issues in the back of the house.

How to prevent this from happening?

There are several ways to fix or reduce these issues:

  1. Hire a restaurant consultant
  2. Use a mystery shopper
  3. Create a list and delegate the fixes with reasonable time lines to be completed by
  4. Conduct an operation restaurant audit
  5. Purchase and use restaurant forms and restaurant checklists

The easiest ways to fix or reduce these issues is to use restaurant forms and checklists

How will you benefit?
A well-organized restaurant with higher profits. The owners, managers and employees need to be consistent from shift to shift in order for it to be effective. Accountability is the key to your restaurant’s success.

In conclusion, if you choose to ignore the feedback that your customers give you it will result in decreased sales, declining repeat business and most importantly that possible closure of your restaurant. Be proactive.


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