Restaurant Daily Line Up Form

Restaurant Daily Line Up Formrestaurant daily line up form

This is an awesome form, a must-use form in every restaurant business. Easy to use, before you take over the shift, enter the necessary information into the restaurant daily line up form.

A really good idea is to use this form while you are conducting the alley rally.  Do a role call using the daily line up to ensure all your staff is present.

You can use the comment section on the restaurant daily line up form to input information such as:

  • Call-outs
  • Tardiness
  • Employee attitude
  • Employee recognition
  • Assign cleaning task

This restaurant form can also act as a paper trail. You may be required to go to civil court or an unemployment hearing. The restaurant daily line up can be handy, especially if it is used as evidence in proving your case against a past employee with issues such as:

  • The firing of an employee due to attendance issues or attitude issues
  • Theft
  • Drug or Alcohol abuse
  • Sexual advances towards other employees
  • Physical Assault

An employee write-up form is another form that can be used as evidence against that particular employee.  A manager’s log book also can be used.  The trick is to be consistent in documenting problems, no matter how small the issue is.


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Restaurant Daily Line Up Form

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restaurant daily line up form

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