Restaurant Food Ordering System

Restaurant Food Ordering System No Alcohol

Are you an existing business and you can’t get a handle on ordering the correct amount of food for your restaurant?
Maybe your food cost is out of control because you constantly throw away expired food because you have too much of some products on hand.
Maybe you are constantly running out of food.
Maybe you can’t afford a food order program that the big companies sell.

We have a terrific solution to your problems: Our Restaurant Food Ordering  System (FORMS) can help you get control of your food orders.

The restaurant food ordering system will automatically tell you how much product you need to order based on your set “build to” amount and based on the inventory on hand. All you have to do is invest time in setting up the product order count sheet and setting up the “build to” amounts. Everything else will automatically calculate based on what you input into the inventory count in each category. Like any other system you need to monitor the levels of key products and any promotions and adjust them on product a order count sheet per category.

Contact Workplace Wizards if you would like us to set up the system for you.

All we need is an updated invoice with the following information:

  • Product Codes
  • Product Name
  • Units of measure
  • Unit prices
  • Set par amounts – PAR amounts are  how much product you need to get through an order period without running out of that product.

To set up the system:

Enter in the product codes, product names, units of measure, and unit prices into the below sheets. Enter in the set par amount into the order columns.

Food Ordering System No Alcohol

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The below sheet is printable. The product codes, product name, units of measure and unit price automatically populates from the above form. The dates on the below form automatically populate from the input sheets. Print this below sheet and do your food and drink order.  

When you are finished with the order print out the below sheet: At a glance you will know what you need to order and how many of each product you will need to get through to the next order. Remember to adjust the amounts on the par amounts as needed.

Once you have completed your order then enter the figures into the below sheet (Inventory on-hand column).

Restaurant food order sheet


Other Spreadsheets:

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