Restaurant Guest Survey form

Restaurant Guest Survey Form

First of all, a restaurant guest survey form is one of the best ways to know what is happening at your restaurant. Get honest feedback from your guests. How is your service? Food? Atmosphere? As a result, honest feedback gives you the information you need to know what you need to do to increase business.

Using the restaurant guest survey form will definitely give you the insight of your daily operations. Hand out the guest survey to your guests while they are still at the restaurant.

Are the servers going above and beyond? Do your managers conduct table checks? Is management staff professional and spending 90% of their time in the dining room? It is important to know if your kitchen is preparing quality food with minimum check times.  Because the managers should only work in the office, 10% of the time.

In addition, overlap manager shifts to do food orders, inventories and interviews, opening and closing paperwork and office tasks. Managers should be with the guests and employees most of the time – especially during peak times.

The Customer’s Eyes

Look at your restaurant from the guest’s perspective. Hence, you see what they see. Jump into their shoes. Use the customer’s eyes.  If you see an issue, then immediately take care of it. Guests come into your restaurant to receive great food at a reasonable price, served quickly and consistently.

Most relevant, make sure of the following:

The bathrooms must be kept up and well stocked.
Keep the greeter area cleaned and organized.
Make sure menus are stocked and clean.
The dining room must be clean, stocked and organized.
Clean your ceiling and vents at least monthly.

In addition, you should clean walls and floors every day.

Pay attention to food safety at all times to keep your guests safe.

Also, the manager should be doing the figure eights all throughout the restaurant. Especially important, the managers observe each area, give direction to the crew and follow up in that direction. The restaurant guest survey will help you see your strengths and areas to improve, with the vision from your customer’s eyes.

Restaurant Guest Survey Form


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restaurant guest survey form

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