Restaurant Hourly Sales

Restaurant Hourly Sales

Track the restaurant hourly sales and customer counts each day. Then you see at a glance, where you stand. Also, use the Labor Scheduling Estimate to help set-up an employee schedule. Knowing your restaurant hourly sales makes a big difference in scheduling.

The restaurant hourly sales sheet is very easy to implement.  Ideally, you create a habit of recording sales and customer counts each hour. A manager or maybe your cashier/greeter can record the sales and customer counts on the hour.

Maybe you have a POS system which will make it easier to find the restaurant hourly sales. Once you have several weeks of data, then you can see patterns and trends in sales and customer counts. Use the comments section to record power outages or reasons your sales have increased or decreased. With the information that you collect, you can construct a better employee schedule and sales projections. This is mainly because you can pinpoint when your sales drop or increase. Managing labor is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy bottom line.

In conclusion, you need to manage food costs and labor costs.

Restaurant Hourly Sales and Customer Count to Prime Cost

What is Prime Cost?  Why is this so important to my bottom line?

Prime cost is the cost of sales (food and beverage) and payroll cost.  Please, note the payroll includes total payroll dollars before deductions, as well as payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, and employee benefits. Full-service restaurants prime costs range around 60% to 65% and quick service restaurant range 55% to 60%.Use those figures to monitor your prime cost.

Restaurants that are successful conduct a weekly food inventory and monitor the prime costs. The inventory food cost percentage should be around 25% to 32%. However, this varies depending on your menu mix and style of restaurant.

Labor cost should be between 20% to 35 % with 20% to 25% for hourly employees and 10% for management. Hence, knowing your sales and customer counts will guide you in scheduling employees on any particular shift.

If you want to maintain the national average in food and labor percentages keep records of everything. You can reach a healthy bottom line when you monitor and maintain those figures. Of course WOW customer service and excellent food also create repeat business.

Restaurant Hourly Sales

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restaurant hourly sales and customer count
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