Restaurant Management Communication

Restaurant Management Communication

Restaurant Management Communication is vital in every restaurants operations.

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Restaurant management Communication

Restaurant Management Communication

 Restaurant Management Communication Log

When communication breaks down between management, inconsistency sets in and may create chaotic shifts.  In the end it will create complaints along with a rotating door of employees, it will effect the bottom line.

There are many ways to establish communication in the workplace. The best method is by recording the daily happens into a managers communication log.

What kind of communication do I record in the restaurant managers communication log                                                                           
The Restaurant Mangers Communication Book

  • Call outs.
  • Customer complaints.
  • Employee related issues.
  • Delivery discrepancies.
  • Chaotic shift due to call outs or sales were higher than projected.
  •  Reservations.
  • Repairs.
  • Store visits.
  • Etc.

Teach management before they assume the shift. They should read the manager communication log and initial it stating that they read it. Verbally communicate to the off coming shift anything that was not covered in the managers communication log. 

The managers communication log needs to be stored away from all employees.  It is best to store the managers communication book in the managers office, for the managers eyes only.   

How do you communicate to other employees?

It is all about how you communicate to people and how they perceive you , a great method is the piece of the pie method.

When communicating to the staff keep in mind the following:

  • Voice tones 38%.
  • Words 7%.
  • Physiology 55%.

Restaurant Management Communication
Voice Tones

When speaking to people your tone of voice needs to be low and calm.  By speaking low and calm the person on the other end will be  more responsive in a positive manner. When you raise your voice the other person on the other end will be more aggressive toward you.


When having a conversation with  employees or giving direction it should be nice and short. Long drawn out communication will confuse the employee because you gave them too much information. After all management has a ton of things that they have to do during the shift. Having long drawn out conversations will only  put you behind on your daily task. Think before you say, think of the shortest route to communicate to that employee.


How does Physiology play in communication?

Every person reacts differently when the manager communicates to them. Before you communicate to that particular employees, you need to know what makes them tick. If you are a new manager it might be best to seek advise with another manager, owner or general manager.

If you are a new manager than schedule a time with every employee or introduce yourself to those employees and try to get to know that person with open ended questions.




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