Restaurant Manager 360 Feedback Form

Restaurant Manager 360 Feedback Form

The Restaurant Manager 360 Feedback Form is a 5 page detailed manager 360 feedback form

Ever desire to evaluate management from the employee’s perspective? The Restaurant manager 360 feedback form is key to recognizing areas of Opportunities. The restaurant manager 360 feedback form is perfect for keeping your managers on track. The reason it works is that employees are able to help in evaluating a manager.

They can give honest feedback so that you’ll know the manager’s strengths and areas for improvement. The restaurant manager 360 feedback is widely practiced in corporate restaurants all throughout the United States. Hand out the restaurant manager 360 feedback of a select group of employees that you know that would give you honest feedback. Make certain the employees filling out the restaurant manager 360 feedback don’t print or sign the frame as this needs to be totally anonymous.The owners/general manager will be reviewing the restaurant manager 360 feedback with management.

The reason why the restaurant manager 360 feedback needs to be anonymous is that of possible reprisals against the employee that filled out the form. The restaurant manager 360 feedback is a great tool if used properly and systematically, it will strengthen the management staff. The restaurant manager 360 feedback was created by people who actually managed corporate restaurants. The system in corporate restaurants has proven working systems forms and checklists.

Restaurants close every day and the most common reasons for these closures are:

  • Inconsistent management
    Everyone needs to be on the same page and not in their own little universe. Communication is the key- the toughest thing that can occur is to confuse the employees by not being on the same page Management needs to sustain a weekly meeting to endure over the preview weeks’ issues or fields of opportunities. The general manager or owner should conduct announced visits or use secret shoppers to make sure all shifts are on the same page with policies and routines.
  • Decreasing restaurant revenue
    There are all sorts of ways to help promote sales. The most efficient means to boost sales is the word of mouth. Train management and the staff in WOW customer service. Your staff needs to establish the words WOW in the guest’s minds before they depart the eatery. The customer that received the wow service will tell their family, friends, and co-workers about the wow service they received at your restaurant.

It is possible that 50 to 100 additional people could visit your restaurant all because your staff did the right thing by providing exceptional service to all guests.

The saying in your restaurant should be that every customer leaves your restaurant happy no matter what. Do what you have to do to create WOW exceptional service for every guest each and every time they visit your restaurant. Repeat business = building sales.

Prime numbers are out of line
Controlling your prime numbers will help the bottom line. Do you know what your prime numbers are?

What are prime numbers?
In quick-serve restaurants, cost of sales food, beverage, paper goods and all payroll costs, including the gross wages of management and hourly staff, payroll taxes, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and employee insurance.
A good prime number in your quick serve restaurant should be 65 percent or less. It is very important that you know what your prime numbers are, at a glance you will know if you have a healthy bottom line.

The two numbers that can devastate your bottom line is food and labor numbers. Food cost in most restaurants will between 25 % to 35 % and that depends on the restaurant food menu mix meaning if the menu prices are higher (steak and seafood’s) than you can expect a higher food cost percent. Labor percent in most restaurants should be between 20% and 25%, adding the manager’s salary to the equitation should be no more than 10%.

The reason Prime Cost is such an important number is that it provides feedback on how well a restaurant manages its largest and most volatile costs: food, beverage and hourly labor. These three costs often represent 90 percent of the costs in most restaurants that are controllable in the short term. Calculating prime cost weekly, 52 times a year, versus monthly gives operators a good shot at nipping any problems in these areas quickly.

Many smart operators also know their sales break-even point based on monthly and weekly sales volumes. Knowing their sales break-even and understanding the relationship between sales volume and their restaurant’s operating costs, they can quite accurately peg how much profit their restaurant should make per week or month based solely on the number of sales generated. These operators develop profit expectations based on knowing just their sales volume. If the actual numbers on their profit-and-loss statement (P&L) differ from this by much it usually means either their P&L contains errors or they have an operational problem to deal with.

Food/labor cost are too high – doing a weekly inventory and getting results equal to the national average on food cost percent will give you positive results. Monitor labor from shift to shift and keep your labor percent with-in the national standards.

Customer complaints
Customer complaints can hurt you in a big way and may cost you big time in lost revenue. Management should stay on top of things and be proactive in preventing customer complaints. Rotating door of employees – Employees who are not trained properly or was rushed through their training will kill your business. It is best to invest in a good training program and have management monitor the training to keep it consistent.

Time and temperature of food
Quality/flavor/presentation of foods below standard – a good idea is to have someone expedite the food during the peak times only. This employee will make sure the food is hot, fresh and garnishes the plate. Of course plate presentation plays a huge role.

Give the restaurant manager 360 feedback to selected staff members who will give you honest feedback.

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Restaurant Manager 360 Feedback Form


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