Restaurant Opening Kitchen Checklist

The Restaurant Opening Kitchen Checklist

The restaurant opening kitchen checklist is a great great way to set up your kitchen each day. For starters, whether you open for breakfast or lunch, use this basic checklist to open the kitchen.  All your opening cooks and managers are better prepared with this tool. 

It seems like some restaurant owners struggle to understand why the kitchen is disorganized or chaotic first thing in the morning. However, the kitchen has no consistent systems put in place. This checklist also holds your managers and kitchen staff accountable for their work. Restaurant owners and managers are keys to the restaurant’s success. Be proactive with this valuable tool and conduct the restaurant opening checklist walk-through correctly and consistently every morning. In addition, this consistent process almost always results in fewer customer complaints and a smoother running shift.

How to use the restaurant opening kitchen checklist?

To begin, print out the restaurant opening checklist and then give it to your opening cook first thing in the morning. For best results, the opening manager leads by example in using checklists. Take the time to do the first opening checklist with the morning cook. Also, this ensures that the opening cook understands management’s expectations for opening the kitchen.

As a result, better food comes out of your organized and clean kitchen. Most of all, this checklist starts your kitchen off right at the beginning of the day. Due to preparation every day, your restaurant starts off right.

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Restaurant Opening Kitchen Checklist


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restaurant opening kitchen checklist

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