Restaurant Server Service Audit

Restaurant Server Service Audit

How will the Restaurant Server Service Audit benefit your restaurant or bar?
There are no restaurants or bars that are immune to customer complaints or training issues. Every employee who waits on customers should provide exceptional wow service consistency.  Using this form will definitely help pinpoint and correct on-going training issues with the serving staff. Every server and employee from the minute the guest enters the restaurant should be providing consistent wow service that the customer will rave about.  Be persistent in achieving your goals, never give up.

Conducting the server service audit will help pinpoint areas of opportunity. Require that anyone who servers a customer be fully trained in the six steps of service. Utilize valuable tools that were specifically created to help you reduce or eliminate operational/financial issues. It’s how and when you correct the issues that matters.

How does the restaurant server service audit work?
The restaurant server service audit is an 11 page document. The actual audit is only 3 pages.  The rest of the document contains valuable information and tips on how to succeed in repairing on-going issues that is affecting customer service.

Print two copies of the actual restaurant server service audit, pages 4, 5 and 6. One copy is for the server new hire and the other copy will be for a regular server that is not a new hire.

The best time to conduct an audit is during any peak meal period.  Use a clipboard and pencil when filling out the form.  Grade the server as they are waiting on actual customers, record the necessary information onto the form throughout the meal service. Be honest and unbiased during the audit, it is what it is. After the completion of the server service audit, create a server action plan to correct the issues.

In this download you also will receive at no cost the server action plan form. Use the action plan in conjunction with the audit form. Create a reasonable and attainable action plan that will produce positive results.

Managers should do frequent steps of service audits to ensure that the serving staff is properly working all six steps consistently and correctly. Give the servers a verbal steps of service quiz during shifts. You can also give the servers a written six steps of service test.

What are the Server Steps of Service?  
Providing WOW Customer Service from the very minute the guest enters your business up until they depart the restaurant or bar.

Directly after the purchase of this valuable tool “the restaurant server service audit” you will receive several free downloadable links: the steps of service steps reference chart and the steps of service test and answer key. Copy and paste the link into your browser and press the enter key. It may take several seconds for the download to appear. Save the document onto your desktop for easy access.

Require that every server and manager memorize the steps of service. How are the servers going to work the six steps of service if you don’t know the steps by memory?  Don’t let the serving staff tell you that they know how to serve the guest without knowing what the steps are or how to work them throughout the guest visit.

Whether you have seasoned servers or new hires everyone should be on the same page in order for it to work.  Owners should be monitoring the managers to ensure that the steps are being followed consistently and correctly. If your servers work the steps you will see measurable results and repeat business.

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Restaurant Server Action Plan

Six Steps of Service
Quick Reference Chart

Included in the server audit at no cost

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Restaurant Server Service Audit

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