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First of all, Workplace Wizards Restaurant Services include many ways to help restaurants grow. Services include training, consulting, forms, assessments, start-up assistance, food handler training and certification training for food and alcohol. Learn more about each of our services by selecting one of the pictures linked below.

Restaurant Services – Consulting, Staff and Manager Training

Our consultants have more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. As a matter of fact, knowing what to do to help you succeed is their primary goal. In addition, we have lots of training online and on site. We are currently setting up a series of online training. Stay-tuned for more on that in the next few weeks. For immediate training information, review our detailed restaurant manuals available in paperbacks or downloadable e-books. Because of the level of detail you may even use the training manuals to set-up your own training program. Whatever you need, our restaurant services are here to make your restaurant shine above the competition.


Restaurant Forms and Assessment Restaurant Services

We have high-quality, detailed restaurant forms that every restaurant could use. The forms, checklists and spreadsheets have instructions included. We also sell all the forms at extreme discounts.

Our assessments are detailed and will take each restaurant’s unique situation into account. In contrast to the normal assessments, we also set up “Undercover Assessments” to find out what happens when no one is expecting it. Sometimes, just knowing someone is looking makes people act differently. Our consulting team are experts in pinpointing what can be holding you back and what will make you succeed.

Restaurant Start-Ups, Certifications and Food Handler Training

Some people think that opening a restaurant is simple. There are many aspects that people don’t realize that are critical to your success. A restaurant consultant can guide you in the restaurant set-up, hiring, training and knowing what you need to do to get started correctly.

When restaurants open or even when hiring additional staff, there are certain levels of certification that are required. Each state has specific rules about certification and these certification experts know what is right for you. In addition, you need food handler training to make sure all your chefs, cooks and other staff members know the right way of handling restaurant food. There are many regulations and food safety practices that are important for every staff member to know.

Workplace Wizards is a full-service Restaurant Consulting Company serving all of the United States and Canada.  We serve Fast Food Restaurants, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Food Trucks, Night Clubs, and Bars. In order to learn more about our services you can contact us today. If you want to talk to a consultant about our services, have questions about your restaurant, then call us at 1-717-475-6865 or toll free at 1-800-753-0657

For additional information please fill out the contact us form below.  Allow 24 hours to respond. However, usually we respond the same day.

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Above all, our restaurant services are customized for your business. Contact us today!!

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