Restaurant Spreadsheets

Restaurant Spreadsheet

What is the spreadsheet “FILMS” ?
The restaurant spreadsheet system is a complete all in 1 system. 
To view each restaurant spreadsheet system (FILMS) functions video tutorial go to: FILMS Video Tutorials

What does “FILMS” DO?
The restaurant spreadsheets (FILMS) contain many restaurant functions:

    1. Restaurant Spreadsheet Calendar: Managers should use the calendar as a way to communicate between shifts. Able to record pertinent information to be passed on to the next shift or for future viewing.  Things to record into the calendar are: call outs, customer or employee incidents / accidents, higher or lower sales, restaurant inspections, food deliveries, food orders, reservations, etc. Managers per shift should view the calendar for pertinent information that could help tighten a smooth running shift.
    2. Restaurant Spreadsheet Business, Employee and Manager Phone List:  Create using the “FILMS” business phone list a complete contact list of vendors, repair man or emergency contacts.
    3. Restaurant Spreadsheet Daily Sales: You will be able to record pertinent information by the shift. If your restaurant is open 24-hours, then you can record sales and other figures by the shift, for example, shift 1, shift 2 or shift 3. If your restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you can record sales and other figures: shift 1 is for breakfast, shift 2 is for lunch and shift 3 is for dinner. Of course, you can dump all the sales and other figures into 1 shift sheet. The reason that you want to separate out the entries is mainly for tracking purposes. Once you enter the information into the shifts sheets, then you can track and view each shifts sales and other related performances such as: gross and net sales, sales tax,cash overages/shortages, customer counts, food/drink comps, coupons, employee/manager meals, paid-outs and guest check average. The daily shift sheets contain formulas and automatically calculate based on your entries. You can also keep track on all the percentages based on your restaurant sales. This a is a great way to record and view all your sales and other information for future viewing.
    4. Restaurant Spreadsheet Vendor Log / Vendor Department Totals: You will learn how to use the vendor log and department total spreadsheet. Managers at the end of their shifts should record any deliveries into the vendor log along with any credits.  This spreadsheet contains formulas and automatically calculates based on your entries.
    5. Restaurant Spreadsheet Food and Paper Inventory: This spreadsheet is a great way to help you conduct food and paper inventory. All you have to do is set up the system by entering in all your product information, then print out the count sheet and record your counts. Once you enter your figures back into the system, the system will generate a food or paper cost percentage. You are able to conduct weekly inventories (week 1 through 5).
    6. Restaurant Spreadsheet Employee & Management, Labor: This system will help you in many ways. You will be able to create and print an employees and managers schedule. You will be able to enter the in & out times of your employees. Once you enter the in & out times of your employees you will be able to view the total hours and dollars by the day or week. To set the system up you will need to go the employee information sheet and enter the pertinent information. The managers information sheet is located directly under the employee information sheet. Once you enter all the pertinent information, that information will populate to other areas with-in the system. You will also be able to view your restaurants labor percentages by the day/week and month. As an added bonus, you will also know what your sales per man hour figures (SPMH) are.
    7. Restaurant Spreadsheet Food, Paper Chemical/Cleaning and Smallwares Ordering System: WOW,  the food ordering system is a great way to place your food orders. The food & Paper/ product information automatically populates from the inventory sheet systems. All you have to do is to set up all your PAR amounts, then print out your count sheets and begin your order counts. Once you are done with your counts, enter those figures into the corresponding date order sheet. The system will generate what you need to order based on both the count and set PAR amount figure.
  1. Restaurant Spreadsheets Profit & Loss (P&L): The Profit & Loss (P & L) Sheet is totally protected and contains formulas that populate for other areas with-in the system. In an instance, you are able to view your bottom profit line which determines how much money your restaurant made or lost. Use this valuable tool to pinpoint areas of opportunities.

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FILMS Home Page

Restaurant Spreadsheet

We have created a home page with actual buttons where you can easily access every category.  The tabs located at the bottom of the spreadsheet system are hidden mainly because there are too many tabs.

We have also created video tutorials for each category so that you can understand how each area works.

The following buttons that are active on the home page are:

    • 9 part video tutorials
    • FILMS instructions
    • Restaurant Calendar “Managers communication log”
    • Daily Sales shifts 1, 2 and 3. Daily sales at a glance
    • Restaurant vendor log & Vendor department totals
    • Food, paper inventory with percentage cost
    • Food costing tool
    • Employee manager, scheduler,  employee schedule, request off form, employee and manager time card
    • Labor hours and dollars with a time clock to enter the in and out times. Labor cost percentages with sales per man hour (SPMH)
    • Food, paper, chemical/cleaning and Smallwares ordering system
    • Monthly Profit & Loss (P&L) with benchmark percentages
      • Customer count comparison chart
    • Restaurant revenue comparison chart

Restaurant Daily Sales

restaurant spreadsheet

Enter all the pertinent information from your register summery report into the daily sales sheet. This information will populate to other areas within the system. Enter the sales tax percent figure in the box below your restaurant name.  As you enter sales into the daily sales sheet, the sales tax will automatically calculate based on the sales tax percent in the box below your restaurant name. Enter your restaurant name in the daily sales shift 1 page, once done it will automatically populate to every page in the system. Enter the week beginning date on the daily sales shift 1 page, once done it will automatically populate to every page in the system.

White, shaded cells is for you to enter figures into them. Colored shaded cells are fully protected and contain formulas.

Restaurant Vendor Log

restaurant spreadsheet

When the manager is done with the shift, they should enter the vendor information into the vendor log before leaving for the day or night.Be sure to enter any credits into the vendor log. The vendor log is separated into categories. Communicate with your purveyors, they can filter the invoices into categories which will make it easier to enter the information into the vendor log.

The dates and restaurant name automatically populate from the daily sales shift 1 sheet.

Restaurant Inventory

restaurant spreadsheet

Enter the product information on the week 1 inventory count input sheet. Once done the information will automatically populate to week 2 through week 5 input sheets and to the food and paper order sheets. You will need to unprotect the sheet to enter the product information, once done protect the sheet from accidental deletion. Print the sheet and begin your counts. The white shaded cells are for you to enter figures into them. The total product and total dollar columns contain formulas and automatically calculate based on the figures you have entered into the system.

Restaurant Labor Hours 

restaurant spreadsheet

Enter the pertinent information into the employee information sheet, once done it will automatically populate to other areas in the system. The employee ID, name, position, rate of pay and pay type will automatically populate from the employee information page. Enter the in time and out time for each employee. Enter the total time of the employee break time taken.Click in the PTO cell and choose from the drop down box. Enter the PTO hours. The daily total hours, daily regular hours and the daily O.T. Hours will automatically calculate and are protected. Once you enter all the information you can view the dollars on the labor dollars page.

restaurant spreadsheets

Restaurant Profit & Loss (P&L)

restaurant Spreadsheets

White, shaded cells is for you to enter figures into them, colored, shaded cells are protected and contain formulas. This is a monthly Profit & Loss Spreadsheet. All the figures pull from various areas of the FILMS Spreadsheet.

You will be able to view at a glance your bottom line net profit or loss. Use the (P&L) spreadsheet as a tool to pinpoint areas of opportunities.

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