Restaurant Wait Seating Chart

Restaurant Wait Seating Chart

Use the Restaurant Wait Seating Chart to track guest seating during the busy times. It is important to give the wait time to guests who looking for a table. It is an excellent resource for a busy restaurant.

As the customers arrive, have your greeters welcome them with a warm and friendly smile. Ask for the number of guests and any special needs.  Simply say, “Welcome to our restaurant how many in your party today?” If there are children, ask if they need high chairs or booster seats.

When the restaurant is full and guests are waiting, a good idea is to have food samples or have things to occupy your waiting guests. Maybe the manager or chef can have samples of a specific food item to give to the guests as they wait for an open table. This also will be a great time to promote a certain dinner feature.

How to use this sheet:

  • First, enter the guest name on this form.
  • Note how many guests onto the reservation form.
  • Enter the time they arrived at the restaurant.
  • Record the quoted time on this sheet.  It is best to quote the time in 5-minute increments.  5-10 min, 10-15 min, 15-20 min. Leave a five-minute window. The guest will hold you to your word on the quote times. Leaving a five-minute window will give you the extra time to seat the guest with-in the time quoted.

Always keep several copies of this form near the greeter’s station. Also, have a master copy of this sheet in the manager’s office.

Another great form
Restaurant Reservation Form

Restaurant Wait Seating Chart


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restaurant wait seating chart

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