Safe Count Sheet

Safe Count Sheet

The use of this form will help pinpoint if there is any money missing from your safe. The safe count sheet is consistently used, it will also pinpoint who is responsible  for the missing funds. Are you missing money from the safe? Are you having difficulty determining who is responsible and when the money went missing?

Accountability is key. You can not hold anyone responsible for missing money without hard facts to back it up.

Using the safe count sheet is simple, the trick is to be consistent and correct when counting the safe. Integrity is key for honest managers

How to use the safe count sheet?

The safe should be counted twice per shift, at the beginning and end of the shift. Any time the safe does not match the safe fund or the cash till drawers do not match drawer funds or there are missing tip envelopes, petty cash or cash drop envelopes you need to report it to the owner / general manager immediately.

A quick investigation of the missing funds needs to be determined when the funds went missing and who is responsible. If you report the missing funds immediately, then the focus will go to the previous shift. The proper way to turn over the safe funds to the next shift is to make sure either the on-coming manager observes the safe count or recounts the safe for verification purposes while you are in the office. If the safe was verified by the on-coming shift and it came up short of funds, then that shift manager is responsible for the missing funds because they failed to report the shortage at the beginning of the shift.

Always cover yourself and count the safe consistently and properly to avoid missing funds pointing back to your shift.

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Safe Count Sheet


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safe count sheet

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