Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Spreadsheet

Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Spreadsheet

restaurant server cash checkout spreadsheetDo you have a way to record or check out your servers cash at the end of their shifts? Well, you do now, use the restaurant server cash checkout spreadsheet every time when your servers are ready to cash out with you or the manager. Simple to implement and use. This spreadsheet contains formulas that automatically calculate based on what you enter into the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is completely accurate and safe to use.

At the end of each servers shift simply print out the servers closing summary report and enter the necessary information directly off the servers summary report on to the servers cash out spreadsheet.  This system is a fantastic record system. Record up to 1 full month of activity.

Other information that you should enter into this spreadsheet are:

Gross Sales – Total sales before deductions

Over rings – When you charge too much, or accidentally twice for an item, you have to make an overring so the cash register is correct at the end of the day

Void – When you need to remove an unwanted item off the customer checks.

Coupons – A voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular good or service

Food /Drink Comps – Discounting a percentage or full amount off the customers check due to a customer or server mistake or an item that was returned due customers complaint, such as, cold food, object in the food or an overcooked or under cooked item.

Discounts –  Discounting a percentage of an item off the customers check.

As an added bonus, we have added a Reports at a Glance page.

All the information on the reports at a glance page automatically populate from various pages with-in the system.

The Reports at a Glance page is completely protected and contain formulas from various pages with-in this spreadsheet system. The purpose of the Reports at a Glance sheet is for viewing and analyzing only. The information on this page are MTD figures. Use the month to date sales figures to see who has the most sales or who has the lowest sales. Employees who have lower sales may need further training in order to get consistent sales across the board. Reward employees who work hard in achieving higher sales.

Monitor discounts, voids, comps and coupons. If you have one or several employees with unusual high amounts of discounts, voids, comps and coupons, that is a strong signal that something is happening, especially when everyone else’s has discounts, voids, comps and coupons figures that are relatively close to being the same figures.

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Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Spreadsheet


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restaurant server cash checkout spreadsheet

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Added Bonus
Restaurant Server Cash Checkout Spreadsheet
Reports at a Glance

restaurant server cash checkout spreadsheet

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