Server Opening Checklist

Restaurant Server Opening Checklist

server opening checklist

It is important to use the restaurant  server opening checklist to prepare before you open the front doors. Great customer service begins with being prepared. We know there is a lot to do prior to the opening. The opening manager guides the server throughout the morning shift. Ideally, complete all opening duties 100% prior to the opening of the restaurant.

The server opening checklist plays a vital role in the restaurant operations. If more than one server is opening, then teamwork alleviates the pressure on one employee. It is best when everyone takes pride and personal ownership in your restaurant.

Completion of the opening checklist

server opening checklist

First of all, a manager assigns this checklist to the opening server. The opening server completes the form and may also work with other servers to complete all the tasks before opening. After completion, place it in a designated file in the manager’s office. The owner or general manager uses this checklist along with other opening checklists to complete audits. Another great idea is for the owner or general manager to enter the restaurant unannounced and conduct server audits.

Restaurant Server Opening Checklist


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