Temperature Danger Zone Chart


Danger Zone Chart

40°F to 140°F    –    5°C to 60°C

Do your employees know the temperatures in the Temperature Danger Zone? This chart is great to hang in your restaurant as a reminder. It creates constant awareness of the range of safe and unsafe food temperatures. In addition, it includes the proper cooking temperatures of key foods.

To begin, the chart shows the Danger Zone from 40°F to 140°F (5°C to 60°C.) While food sits at this range, then it quickly becomes dangerous. However, paying attention to the Danger Zone makes the difference of serving foods that are health risks or safe foods.

Temperature Danger Zone Chart – You Reputation

Do not take a chance. Keep the customers, staff and your restaurant’s reputation safe.

Many restaurants laminate and post this chart in the kitchen. In addition, periodically test your cooks on the temperature danger zone along with proper cooking temperatures. As a result, you will have a smooth running kitchen.

We recommend another great tool of the Food Temperature Log to use along with this chart. Reduce the potential for foodborne illness in your restaurant by monitoring food temperatures. Because you react quickly to dangerous food temperature it dramatically reduces issues of food falling into the danger zone. Being proactive and correcting temperature issues decreases customer complaints, such as serving cold food. It also lowers the chance of potentially dangerous food that causes customers and employees contracting foodborne illnesses.

Food Safety needs to be at the top of your list

Danger Zone Chart


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Food Temperature Danger Zone Chart

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