The Application and Interviewing Process

The Application/Interviewing Process

One of the most critical elements of operating a restaurant is the applicationapplication-interview-process-new and interview process. Good help is hard to find. You want to be certain that the people you hire are trustworthy, dependable, responsible and hardworking. Knowing the right things to look for during the application and interview process can help you find the ideal employees that will help your business continue to grow in the years ahead.

1. Mini applications

Many people come into your restaurant during peak hours looking for a job. Obviously, if it is extremely busy, you will not have time to talk to them. However, it is important to get them to stay there until you have some free time. This is because if they leave your restaurant, they will simply go to another restaurant to apply for a job. If the person has a limited amount of time and can’t stay, have them fill out a mini application. The questions on a mini application are designed in such a way that it will be easy for the employer to weed out the people that will not make good employees. When peak hours are finished, immediately go through any mini applications that were submitted. Call back any good prospects right away. If you wait, they might be snapped up by other restaurants. If the person has more time, give them a standard application.

2. Interviews

Always schedule all of your interviews at a time when you will not be disturbed. Early in the morning or between lunch and dinner are ideal times. During the interview, make sure you have someone competent running things so you will not need to interrupt the interview. If the person has a good interview, have them come back for a second interview. If the second interview goes well, you will need to check their references. If you want to hire a person, they will need a background check and a drug test. If the person passes these things successfully, you will need to give them a proper orientation and restaurant training session.

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