Undercover Restaurant Assessments

Undercover Restaurant Assessments

We at the Workplace Wizards have developed a way to assess your restaurant in a unique but effective way.

Most assessments are done by observing the shift and grading the performance by using an assessment form with information regarding functionality of the restaurant training, policies, procedures and knowledge pertaining to food safety, serve safe, proper food specs, etc.

We do offer this type of assessment, if requested, although we highly recommend the Restaurant Undercover Assessment. We will go undercover as a employee in training in your restaurant, we will work hands on with your staff observing habits, and learning areas of opportunity.

 Undercover Restaurant Assessments

Why Choose This New Concept Over Regular Assessments?

Undercover Restaurant Assessments

As long as your staff does not know who we are, then they are more prone to act natural and open up to us when asked questions concerning the restaurant.

When staff know ahead of time that they are being inspected or an assessment is imminent, then the actor or actress part of them comes alive and the stage is set and they play the part.

Expose – Employee’s True Thoughts On Your Restaurant

 Undercover Restaurant Assessments

  • That is exactly what we need to see in order to make a true assessment of what causing the issues.
  • I am sure you have seen reality shows such as Undercover Boss or “Hell’s Kitchen
  • “Undercover Boss” – The CEO or President of a major company goes undercover in there own company to see what really happens behind the scenes. This person finds positive and negative issues about the company. He or she finds great honest employees, and at times finds employees who are hurting the company either by reputation or through financial loss.

How does the CEO get the true big picture about the company?

  • The employees comfortable enough to act natural in front of him.
  • When asked certain questions about other employees or managers, they will open up to him because he is on the same level as they are.
  • “Hell’s Kitchen” – Chef Ramsey is a natural when it comes to the restaurant Business, he does a visual assessment from the minute he steps out of his vehicle, noticing everything and not missing a thing.
  • There is no written assessment, its all visual and on the spot corrections; at least this is what America can see on TV.

Why are both of these shows so successful in producing the true facts?

 Undercover Restaurant Assessments

  • “Undercover Boss” – Only the CEO or Top Executives are aware of the undercover person, all managers and employees are not aware of this person. In order to get great results the less that people know the better.
  • “Hell’s Kitchen” – Chef Ramsey interviews the staff and management to get a better picture of what is really happening in the restaurant.  The point of this comparison is that you can have the best of both worlds, both UNDERCOVER and VISUAL.

What happens?

We need you to stay open to changes. The buck stops with the owner or top executive in charge of the restaurant; they need to want to change and to be consistent to the change every day in order for the changes to be effective.

 Undercover Restaurant Assessments

What does the undercover person do, what does he observe:

  • Observes employee behavior.
  • Observes employees interaction with their peers and customers.
  • Observes if systems that are in place are done correctly and done consistently.
  • Interacts with the employee and because they are on the same level gains their respect and speaks openly when asked questions by the undercover person.
  • Looks for opportunities to increase sales and lower food cost and labor.
  • Observes employee proficiency etc.

 Undercover Restaurant Assessments

If you are interested in these services, there are several things that we will asked of you:

  • Have an open mind.
  • Be open to changes.
  • Never expose the Undercover person to your staff including management, by compromising the Undercover Person.
  • If people know who we are, then we lose the element of surprise and we won’t get the big picture of knowing what is actually happening in your restaurant.
  • To be effective, only the owner or top manager knows–no one else.

Call or use the contact form to discuss the Undercover Assessment for your restaurant.

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