Why Restaurant Cleaning Checklists Are Important

Why Restaurant Cleaning Checklists Are Important

When you go to a restaurant, as a guest what are your expectations? You expectrestaurant-cleaning-checklist to be given excellent customer service, to have an exceptional meal and to enjoy your experience at the restaurant, but what about the restaurants cleanliness?

Many people go out to eat to avoid the hassle of cooking and cleaning. As a guest you expect the restaurant you are visiting to be clean; that includes:

  • Table your dining at
  • Floor around the table
  • Chairs or Both
  • Menu cover
  • Bathroom
  • Foyer or Entry Way
  • Windows
  • Door Handles
  • Kitchen – Certainly the area visible from the dining room
  • Condiments containers
  • Clean covers to HVAC in dining room
  • Light Fixtures
  • Parking Lot

The Buck Stops With The Manager – YOU

As a manager it’s your duty to ensure all areas of the restaurant are being properly cared for by all employees for guest satisfaction. The easiest way to divide out cleaning duties is to use a daily, weekly and monthly restaurant cleaning checklist. The normal is dividing the task between employee type and day of the week. For example Servers on Monday do the Menu Covers. Hostesses on Tuesday day shift do the foyer walls. Kitchen staff on Wednesday afternoon do the fryer grease and meat slicer, etc.

Another way I liked to divide the task is assign an area to one person such as John. John would have the walls at the back of the restaurant and front of the restaurant. It allows the employee to own up to the task and someone is ultimately held accountable.

What Gets Checked Gets Done

Managers should grab one of the checklists that was signed as completed and follow up with each item that was marked as complete. If often takes a close look to ensure the task was complete as expected. 

Lead By Example

It’s also very important for all managers, including the General Manager to have some type of cleaning task assigned. When employees see the General Managers and other managers getting their hands dirty it often helps improve moral and motivation.

Concerned about getting dirty at work especially for the big involved monthly restaurant cleanings? Bring a change of clothes, heck keep a set of old clothes in the office for just the time you need to jump in and get the job done.

It Starts With Proper Training

It’s the manager’s duty to ensure all employees are properly trained on the assigned cleaning task and the manager training should complete the specific task fully with the employee the first time. You can’t just expect the employee to perform cleaning or any other task with out the proper guidance and encouragement.

Keeping A Clean Restaurant Is Just Good Business Sense

Proper cleaning will ensure your restaurant is kept in shape at all times and will keep you prepared if the Department of Health comes in for an inspection. Cleaning checklists also help eliminate eye sores that guests can see and provides a better working environment for all employees.

Save Money

Cleanliness of your restaurant can also help reduce the amount of money you’d need to pay for equipment and supplies in the future. Just like in your home, keeping up with daily, weekly and monthly chores can cut costs in the long run. Having clean areas that guests can visibly see, e.g. bathrooms, dining areas and outside upkeep are important to welcome them every time.

Guests like the convenience of being able to enjoy a meal out at a restaurant. Keeping your space neat, clean and organized will allow them to have a good experience and will surely bring them back time and time again.

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