Restaurant Server Training Manual

Restaurant Server Training Manual

restaurant server training manual

In today’s restaurants, your restaurant servers need to be highly trained. As a restaurant owner or manager, you cannot afford to provide only average service to your guests!

Average customer service means that only 16% of customers will recommend your restaurant to other people. When your servers provide average, run-of-the-mill service, they fail to encourage customers to rave about your restaurant to others.

The restaurant server training manual will help you transform your service staff into knowledgeable servers. The most important part in the restaurant server training manual is the server steps of service. Basically, the process begins when the guest arrives through your front doors all the way up to when the guest departs the restaurant. The steps of service will teach servers how to wait on customers, communication, ordering, deliver food (standard check times), etc.

What are the steps of service?

Step 1
  • Greet the Guest – Immediately upon the guest entering the Restaurant.
  • Have a sincere, friendly smile.
  • Hi, Welcome to “Your restaurant’s name” how many in your party.
Step 2
  • Seat the Guest – Immediately when there is an open table.
  • Stay within arm’s length of the guest as you are seating them.
  • Senior Citizens – guest with walkers & canes seat up front if possible.
  • Tell servers how many guests and the table number.
Step 3
  • The server greets the table with a sincere smile within 2-Minutes.
  • Place silverware on the table so other employees know the server greeted the guests.
  • Server introduction to the guests by his/her first name.
  • If you don’t recognize the guests, then ask them if they visited here before.
  • Talk about the features and specials.
  • Start with the drink orders & suggestively sell an appetizer.
Step 4
  • The server places the drink orders and appetizers in the POS system.
  • Drink Orders are delivered within 4 Minutes to the guest.
  • The server takes the guest order from left to right.
  • Enter the entire order into the (POS) system within 2 Minutes.
Step 5
  • Entrées are delivered to the guest within 15 Minutes.
  • Check back after 2 bites to ensure everything is okay.
  • Automatic refills and remove any dirty dishes.
Step 6
  • Suggest desserts within 2 bites of the guest finishing the entrees.
  • Deliver the desserts within 7 Minutes or less / suggest coffee or milk.
  • Drop off the check, and if servers are managing their own checks (server banking) then the server reminds the guest that you will take the payment when they are ready.
  • When receiving credit card payments, process and close the check out immediately, otherwise if you don’t your table turn times will be affected.
  • Please thank the guest with a warm, sincere smile and invite them back
  • Reset the tables immediately after the guest leaves.
  • Reset the table per standard and wipe the seatsbooths and clean the floors before the next seating.

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restaurant server training manual
restaurant server training manual

Restaurant Server Training Manual

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