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Workplace Wizards is a Restaurant Consultant Company based in South Central Pennsylvania, but serving all of the United States and Canada. Furthermore, we serve Fast Food Restaurants, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Food Trucks, Night Clubs and Bars. Therefore, If you need restaurant consulting services, restaurant forms and checklists or information please complete the contact form below.

Of course, on a scheduled call, you actually communicate with a real live person. Furthermore, If you call and we don’t answer, please, leave a voicemail.  Above all, your concerns are very important to us. We want you to have the time to talk confidentially with our professional staff.

Restaurant Consultant By Phone

We offer phone consultations or on-site consultations by appointment. Then you can voice your concerns about your restaurant.

Some example topics of discussion:

  • Why you are having issues with staff or management?
  • Employee morale
  • Training (Management & Staff)
  • Employee attitudes
  • Below average performance
  • Maybe your Staff Turnover is high
  • Customer service
  • Why you are losing money?
  • Preparation of foods
  • Problems due to preparation of foods
  • Food cost controls
  • Labor cost controls
  • Systems, Policies and Procedures
  • Forms and Checklist (Also can be customized)
  • Other concerns

Our restaurant consultants will do a free phone consultation so we can get to know you better. We’ll discuss how your business is going and what you need.

Just submit your information below and then we’ll contact you to set up the best time for a call or meet.

On-site Consultation

For local owners and managers, we would love to meet with you in person. We are located in Central Pennsylvania. Therefore, contact us to set up an on-site consultation.

We would love to come to your restaurant or off-site to speak with you about your restaurant. Let’s discuss what we offer that may help and what you can do to help you.

In addition, we include copies of some of our forms, restaurant checklists and quick reference cards. Our Restaurant Consultants can show samples of the spreadsheet systems. Even more, we have lots of resources to help you get your food service business organized. Many of the resources keep you informed of your progress and ways to decrease loss and then increase profits.

Restaurant Training

In addition, we work with you to establish a functional and effective training program. Also, check out the training manuals on our site to learn more training techniques to get consistent results.

In addition, we provide information on how to set up and train the different departments such as the Prep room, Dish room, Service area and Kitchen and Dining Room.

Another service includes training on how to complete various forms and checklists and the importance of keeping these records.

Furthermore, review specific information about our Server training on the WOW Service Program Web Page.

Restaurant Consultant

Certainly, if you recently opened a restaurant you may have questions. Perhaps you are an existing restaurant struggling to understand why your restaurant is not profitable, then we can help you pinpoint areas of opportunities.

Above all, our Restaurant Consultants worked for over 25 years in restaurants with stable procedures, policies and system.

In conclusion, these systems are proven working systems with a very high successful track record. 

Of course, what’s the harm in a free consultation? Finally, contact our restaurant consultants today!

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