Restaurant Reservation Form

Restaurant Reservation Form

restaurant reservation formAfter printing out the restaurant reservation form use a three hole punch and place the document inside a hardbound binder. Store this form binder near the phone located near the greeter stand. Train all front of the house staff on the restaurant reservation form procedures.

It is best to assign one person to take the reservations per shift.  This will decrease any missed communication. It is important to get it right the first time. The manager on duty during the alley rally 15-minutes  before the peak time meal period begins will discuss who will be responsible for taking the reservations. Meaning, if anyone calls the restaurant for a reservation, then that employee will locate the assigned individual that is responsible for reservations. This should be classified as a priority. Managers on the hour should be communicating to the reservation person about any reservations for the shift. Use reservation table tents, one hour prior to guest arriving at their that particular table.
Train all employees that when they see a reservation tent on any tables, they are not to seat that guest at that table except if it is for that particular reservation.

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restaurant reservation form

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Instruction Page: Restaurant Reservation Form

restaurant reservation form

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