Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers

mystery shopperMystery Shoppers are chosen individuals to go undercover in any business acting as a customer. These mystery shoppers normally have a form that they use to grade the restaurant and the employees on performance, customer service, quality food fast, clean restaurant, friendly and professional staff and so on.  This mystery shoppers are paid. These individuals normally arrive at the restaurant during peak times. The mystery shoppers form is a fantastic tool to identify operational issues, inconsistent food and service, professionalism among management and staff members and many more.

You can choose anyone to be a mystery shopper, friends, family or an Acquaintance. You are paying them with a meal from your restaurant, the mystery shopper is undercover, not even the owner or manager knows that they undercover.

Here is how it works:

You designate someone as a Mystery Shopper, then you train them on what is expected from them as a mystery shoppers.  Normally there is a mystery shopper form that is used to grade the business.

After the mystery shopper is done, then they go up to the register and pay for their meal, this person will need the receipt to be Reimburse.  That mystery Shopper will either drop the form off at the mystery shopper’s office or they will mail it, scan it or email it.  The owner/manager will normally get the results with-in a few days.

Try to have 4 mystery shoppers a month, maybe once a week during the busiest times in your restaurant.

After receiving all 4 mystery shopper’s forms from the mystery shoppers, then analyze the information and look for consistent issues, patterns, same issues same employees, etc. You should be able to pinpoint areas of opportunity.

Most defiantly the mystery shoppers program works, after collecting several mystery shopping forms look for patterns, consistent issues, same employees creating problems, service related issues.  You will be able to form an idea as to what’s going on in your restaurant. Use your finding and eliminate each issue until each issues is fixed.  If the issue is an employee, then maybe retrain them per your standards.

If the issue was a serious issues such as foul language, insubordination or being rude to a guest, then a more serious approached to the situation needs to occur, suspension or termination of employment.

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Mystery Shoppers Forms with or without Alcohol to be used in the dining room or at the bar

 Mystery Shoppers Forms for Restaurants and Bars

Mystery Shoppers

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