Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist

Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist

the restaurant manager's walk-through checklistThe Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist is the mother of all checklist.

In fact, using the Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist correctly and consistently will reduce revenue losses and customer complaints.
How will the Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist benefit my restaurant/bar?

If you can prevent or reduce the amount of issues that could affect guest service or your bottom line, would you try to prevent it?  In most cases, many restaurant/bar operators seek valuable information from the web about ways to reduce revenue losses and/or customer complaints. It makes perfect sense to create a manager’s walk-through checklist, why not? Correcting issues before it turns into larger issues is commonly referred to as being proactive.

The manager/supervisor uses Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist to pin-point and correct issues with-in the interior/exterior of the entire building and property. Most successful restaurants that are either company owned or privately owned use some sort of a Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist.

These restaurants/bars have minimal revenue losses and/or customer complaints because they use a walk-through checklist and corrected all issues before the customer was exposed to it. So, it does make perfect sense to do walk-through’s before any shift and during shifts to help reduce possible revenue losses and/or guest complaints.

The Restaurant Manager’s Walk-Through Checklist is a manager’s on-going path to a successful shift.
The manager’s walk-through and figure eight training manual 67 page downloadable document.

If I use a checklist what kind of issues will I be able to prevent or reduce?

It is anything that could affect guest service, which is everything

Customer service issues:

  • Front door greeting.
  • Employee Training
  • Server Steps of service
  • Menu/ingredient knowledge
  • Clean uniform
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Check times
  • Food presentation and food temperature
  • Customer complaints
  • Restaurant/bar condition – interior/exterior
  • Eye appealing or is it an eyesore?

All businesses need some sort of structure, rules, policies and procedures. Most of these businesses survive and make a buck, while others do not.  Some businesses fail because there was no structure or rules in place to organize the business.

This is completely preventable, get organized and hold your management team responsible in promoting a great eating/drinking establishment that customers thrive about, which equals repeat business.

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The Restaurant Manager’s Walk-through Checklist

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