Safe Count Spreadsheet

Safe Count Spreadsheetsafe count spreadsheet

This safe count spreadsheet is an excellent tool for total cash accountability. Very simple to use, it automatically calculates everything for you. Furthermore, the sheet is a great way to be consistent with the everyday accounting of the restaurant’s revenue. If you do not have a system in place now, or you want to upgrade from an existing system, then I fully recommend the safe count spreadsheet.

You could use a standard form and spend valuable time performing calculations by hand. This also could lead to mistakes in the calculations. It makes more sense to spend that time with your employees and customers. Using the safe count spreadsheet consistently and correctly will keep people honest and will decrease any money shortages mainly because shortages can be tracked to a specific shift and person.

Any business with no system to help keep track of their safe money increases the risk of unexplained shortages. If the safe counts are off during the counts from shift to shift, then you will need to rectify the safe. Ultimately this will affect the bottom line, especially if it was theft.

Furthermore, to ensure that the safe counts are being done consistently, the owner or upper management need to periodically audit the safe and the safe count spreadsheet. Ideally, they should arrive at the location unannounced.

What to count in the safe?

  • Back up paper dollars
  • Rolled coins
  • Cash deposits
  • Tip out envelopes
  • Petty cash
  • Cash drop envelopes

How to use the safe count spreadsheet?

The safe count spreadsheet is easy to use. Because all you need to do is enter in all your counts and the system automatically calculates the figures for you. Most of all, consistent and proper use of the safe count sheet creates accountability.

First, the morning manager counts the entire safe and enters each denomination count on the safe count spreadsheet.

Count the safe again at the end of the morning shift. The evening shift cannot open the safe until the morning shift completes the safe count. At that point, the evening shift will take over the shift and then they can begin the beginning count. However, if the safe count is off then the evening manager reports the shortage to the morning shift. In addition, the morning manager needs to verify the evening opening count is correct before leaving for the day.

The morning shift should also take the shift’s cash deposit to the bank. Go to the bank before the sun goes down. The evening shift will secure their deposit in the safe overnight. The morning shift will take the Previous nights deposit to the bank and verify the deposit and return to the business with the validated deposit slip.

What to do about shortages?

Any time the counts are not correct, then recount the cash deposit and cash tills. In most cases, another manager should recount the safe. If the counts are still not correct, then add the additional amount from the deposit total. It will short the deposit, but businesses generally keep a standard amount in the safe between bills and coins. The safe standard amount depends on your cash flow. Always make sure you enter all the information about the shortage into the comment section on the safe count spreadsheet and the manager’s log book. The entry includes the date, time and who counted the safe.

Safe Count Spreadsheet

Each shift has a beginning and ending safe count sheet. There are three shifts, morning, evening and overnight shifts.

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Below is what the first count sheet look like – on the instructions page, it describes how to change the “Enter Restaurant Name” to the name of your business.

safe count sheet

Click on image to view a larger version

This is a screen print of the Daily Spreadsheet with all six sheets

Safe Count Sheets

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