Restaurant Customer Count Sheet

Restaurant Customer Count Sheet

restaurant customer count form

Restaurant Customer Count Form Opportunities

What can I do to get my restaurant sales up?

  • Special Promotions – after completing the restaurant customer count form create a unique lunch or dinner menu item with a special price to lure in customers. Don’t price the items too high, have reasonable prices that your customers can afford. Remember, when you create a menu item do not base it on what you want, cater to the neighborhood (what do you think your customers would want).  Also, if you have items in your restaurant that are close to expiring (date dot) you can create a menu item off of that. You can also use your existing ingredients to create an item that is not on your menu. If your low customer days are on Monday or Tuesdays you could run all you can eat pasta, etc. When you create all you can eat items keep in mind the price of the item, try to use low cost items. The point of this is to lure customers into your restaurant and create repeat business. Another thing you can do is create an ad coupon saying 15%, 20% or 50% an individual item. When creating coupon ads, make sure it reads a specific day or days and you mention you can redeem the coupon with equal or lower value menu item.
  • Senior Citizen Discounts – Most restaurant customer counts are lower between 2 pm and 4 pm. When creating senior citizen menus keep in mind smaller portions and lower cost.
  • Special Events – The owner, manager or a designated employee can reach out to individuals who coach football, basketball, baseball leagues. School plays are an excellent opportunity as well during rehearsals and after an actual play. After school events can be very beneficial to your restaurant. Use this opportunity in creating a small menu or a banquet. If you are creating a small menu it has to be manageable for your cooks to prepare. You can prepare most items in advance of the event.
  • Banquets – Have a designated person visit small and large businesses in your area or maybe within a 10 square mile radius. Create a pamphlet to explain the banquet procedures along with what items are offered with prices. Pictures of the room and pictures of the menu items are a great selling tool.
  • Kids eat free – Use this great opportunity to lure guests into your restaurant with free kid meals on specific days. Make sure your ads read free kid meals with every guest purchase. Example, a party of four consist of two adults and two kids, this means two free kid’s meals. When creating your kids’ menu keep in mind what do the kids want to eat? Here are some examples; pasta, Mac & cheese, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, chicken tenders or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Try to make the sides healthier; vegetables and fruit. Serve milk and chocolate milk and juices.  In most families the kids dictate where to eat.

Once you have successfully lured customers into your restaurants its up to you and your employees to work your magic. Wow every guest every time by catering to their every needs. Impress the guest from the time they enter your restaurant all the way up until they depart. If you have achieved this goal ,then you are on your way to repeat guest visits and higher revenues.

Restaurant Customer Count Form


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