Restaurant Kitchen Checklist

Restaurant Kitchen Checklist

Do you want your restaurant kitchen to run smoothly during each shift? Of course, you do! Being prepared is a key to running a successful kitchen. Well, also make sure your cooks are well trained! The restaurant kitchen checklist is a great form to get your kitchen ready to serve guests. It’s so important to make sure your kitchen is ready before serving guests. This resource sets up your kitchen for success! The restaurant kitchen checklist should be used about one and a half hours before any peak time meal period.

How do I use the restaurant kitchen checklist?

Place the kitchen checklist on a clipboard, begin by checking off the following:

Stocking the kitchen:

  1. All bread stocked and wrapped with bread ties to prevent the bread from drying out. “Use First” stickers on items to identify older and newest bread.
  2. All reach-in’s top and bottom stocked and rotated/day dots
  3. Freezers stocked, rotated/day dots.
  4. Grill drawers stocked, rotated/date dots.
  5. Paper supplies – carryout containers.

Beginning and throughout the shift:

  1. Setting up a sanitation bucket with water (sanitation tablets) – several kitchen towels kept in the bucket.
  2. Having a good supply of dishes and carryout containers available during the peak meal periods.
  3. Maintaining the proper amount of foods stocked.
  4. Keeping your assigned area cleaned/stocked/organized at all times.
  5. Keeping the grill scraped to prevent carbon build up.
  6. Sweep the floors frequently.
  7. Empty the trash can prior to peak time meal periods.
  8. Empty the grills grease drawers to prevent grease spillage.

Being proactive: Conducting the Kitchen Checklist

During any peak time meal period, it is important for kitchen staff to focus on preparing food quickly and high quality. Use par sheets to stock your kitchen prior to the meal period so the kitchen focus on cooking and preparing food, instead of looking for missing items. This restaurant kitchen checklist will also help prepare your staff for all aspects prior to the meal periods.

For more information on the server area checklists visit: more fantastic restaurant forms, checklists, spreadsheets, and training manuals visit:

Restaurant Kitchen Checklist
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restaurant kitchen checklist

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