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My name is Jeffrey, I am now a restaurant consultant/owner of Workplace Wizards Restaurant Consulting and More. I spent many years working my way up the ladder. Started off as a saute cook, ending in running 2 restaurants simultaneously. In 2012, I decided enough was enough I needed to work for myself.

So many people dream about owning their own business. I wanted to be a Restaurant Consultant. I have the experience and the training that qualifies for me for the restaurant consultant position. I was employed by corporate restaurants where systems are in place and actually work. Restaurant forms are in place in most restaurants. Restaurant managers are typically in charge of implementing and monitoring the use of restaurant forms.

There are restaurant forms to organize restaurants and its shifts.  There are also restaurant forms for cash control along with forms for customer service for the front and the back of house. The use of these valuable restaurant forms will certainly boost your restaurants bottom line as long as your managers do the right things for the right reasons.

I have been in many restaurants where I never seen a restaurant manager in site. I personally think a manager who touches tables in the dinning room will form some idea if that customer at that table is satisfied or not.

The restaurant manager will typically visit a table checking for food quality and great customer service. Once a dissatisfied restaurant customer reaches the front registers, most likely they will not revisit that restaurant. Fix the issue at the table before the customer leaves the restaurant.

Do you want repeat business for your restaurant? Train your employees per your policies and procedures. Make sure the restaurant manager manages and monitors the customers and the employees. The restaurant manager need to take personal interest in the restaurant’s success. Pretend that you are the restaurant owner – “take personal ownership”.

Of course, there are many reasons why restaurants fail, That’s another story.

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