Restaurant Server Side work Chart

Restaurant Server Side work Chart

The restaurant server side work chart is a key to getting work done. Do you run out of stock in your service aisle during peak times? Do your servers stand around when it is slow? You’ll be more successful, customers will be happier, and servers will get better tips when you consistently use this chart. Using the restaurant server side work chart consistently and properly on a shift by shift basis will help your servers to focus more on the guest and less time stocking food and paper supplies.

If you do not use a server side-work chart, then most likely sure servers are consistently running out of food and paper supplies during the peak time meal period.  The servers are spending more time restocking food and other supplies, than focusing on your customers. Furthermore, by not using a server side-work chart you are creating bad check times and customer complaints.

How to use this restaurant server side work chart?

First of all, the manager on duty for that particular shift will assign the server side work. The manager on duty clearly explains his/her expectations to servers as they arrive to work. There may be more than one server assigned to the server side work chart and this depends on how big the assigned task is. The assigned server should periodically check the assigned side work to see if any attention is needed.

Most important, the assigned server will complete the side work at the beginning, throughout, and at the end of the shift. This is to ensure that you don’t run out of any product and spend more time with the guest. Having your waiters and waitresses keep up with side work is crucial to excellent customer service!

Keeping your Service Staff Focused

Assign one or more servers to each task group. Your manager and lead servers should check out the servers before they leave for the day. The chart includes stocking shelves, hand washing, and more. In conclusion, if used properly and consistently, this will help eliminate issues with your service aisle. Your wait staff will stay on track all throughout the shift by using the server side work chart.

Restaurant Server Sidework Chart


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restaurant server side work
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