Food Safety Inspection Checklist

Food Safety Inspection Checklist

The food safety inspection checklist is vital in assuring that you serve safe food and drinks to your guest and staff members.

There were a number of restaurants that had severe outbreaks:

In 1982, nearly 50 people in Oregon and Michigan fell ill after eating burgers at McDonald’s. The confirmed outbreak was the E. coli.

Jack in the Box 
In 1993 Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak occurred when 732 people were infected with the Escherichia coli bacteria originating from under cooked beef in hamburgers.

Burger King
In 1997 Burger King officials were forced to sever ties with Arkansas-based beef processor Hudson Foods after it recalled over 25 million pounds of meat, including hamburger patties, that made 16 people ill in Colorado because of food contamination. Before discovering the source of the outbreak, 650 restaurants in 28 states, or one out of four Burger Kings, had to take burgers off the menu.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
In July of 1999, public health officials confirmed four Cincinnati-area Kentucky Fried Chickens were to blame for an outbreak of E. coli that led to 18 illnesses and at least 11 hospitalizations. Investigators identified, poorly prepared coleslaw as the source of the contamination.

Other restaurants, such as Taco bell, Sizzler, Wendy’s, Jimmy Johns and recently Chipotle also had  E. coli outbreaks from tainted beef or contaminated vegetables.

These severe outbreaks sicken hundreds of people and damaged the above restaurant’s reputation. Ultimately the restaurant’s revenue was effected big time. It only takes one potential safety issue to affect your restaurant’s future. Do you really want to chance that?  

This checklist can be used daily, monthly, semiannually or annually.  Allow plenty of time to properly do this inspection based on your business size. It could take up to 1 hour to several hours to conduct this inspection. Be thorough and detail orientated. The purpose of this form is to identify potential food safety issues in your restaurant or bar. If the food safety issue poses a direct health threat to your customers or staff members, then it should be corrected immediately, and then documented during the inspection process.

The Food Safety Inspection Form is a 11 page document, the first page is displayed below for you to view.

Food Safety Inspection Checklist

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food safety inspection checklist

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