WOW Restaurant Service Program

Restaurant Server Service Steps
Restaurant Server Service Steps

Successful restaurants in today’s world have a system to ensure the Servers are Providing WOW Service to the customers. By using the Restaurant Server Service Steps, your customer service will maintain high standards. Many restaurants are having a difficult time staying afloat due to the economy and an unstable market. Today, most people want to stretch their money, and do not want to spend their hard-earned cash on mediocre service. If the guest receives mediocre service, they will go to the restaurant next door where they can get WOW service.

You should be the restaurant next door that is giving WOW service by using the restaurant server steps of service. When you train your servers in how to provide top-notch service then you will see excellent results. Successful Restaurants use a proven service program.

This is the importance of the Restaurant Server Service Steps

Set a high standard, start training your servers today, and become a WOW restaurant.

The first part of the WOW Service Program is for all the servers to know your Menu. Then they need to know the Restaurant Server Service Steps and receive top-notch training. Next, they need to perform the WOW Steps of Service consistently. They must feel supported in their efforts by the management staff and the rest of the restaurant team. Cooking staff will also need to be performing top-notch and communicating with service staff.

When it comes to using the WOW Steps of Service test, the servers need to study the steps through the Restaurant Server Service Steps Quick Reference sheet. When they are ready to take the test, they need to take it by memory and not by using the reference sheet. Plenty of servers say that they know the steps of service, but then when asked them to recite the steps, many of them cannot remember. It is because they do not know them. How can you ensure servers follow the steps if they do not know them?

Training is essential. The trainer for the WOW Service Program needs to the best server in the restaurant or your Front of House Service Manager. The trainer needs to score 100% and can verbally recite the steps. In addition, the trainer should be consistently demonstrating the steps of service in their work. The person leading the training must be a top-performing server who provides WOW service to the customers on a daily basis. This the server who has repeat customers coming in and asking for him/her by name. Once the trainer understands the WOW Service Program, he/she can begin training the other service staff.

Here are some effective ways to train your servers in the WOW Service Program:

Menu Knowledge

Make sure your servers know the menu and always keep the servers informed of new items or menu changes. The base of all service is to know the product they are selling–which is your menu. Then they need to know how to sell it. This is a key element of the steps of service. Without this supporting base, then your servers won’t be consistently able to perform WOW service. The first part of the training should include quizzing the server on the menu. They should know it in detail including descriptions and featured menu items.

Role Playing

You can train more than one server. Select an area away from your customer’s view, or train while the restaurant is closed. All the servers in-training must be able to view the trainer who is going to show the WOW Service Program. The trainer demonstrates the Restaurant Server Service Steps, step one through step six. Select some servers in-training or other available staff members to play the roles of guests.

Once the trainer has demonstrated the WOW steps of service and he/she will answer any questions of the servers in-training. Then the trainer picks one of the servers in-training to take his/her place until all servers in-training have completed the demonstration successfully.

Memory Game

The trainer will actually wait on real customers, by using the steps of service. A server-in-training will shadow that trainer, but the trainee should only observe and ask questions. As the trainer goes from step to step then he/she should verbally quiz the trainee. If the trainee does not know the step, then the trainer should correctly answer the question for them or prompt if they think the server will be able to answer with clues. Continue onto step two, then a few minutes later quiz the trainee again on step one until they know it by memory. Continue this process all the way to step six.

Customers Talking About Your Restaurant Service

Customers who have experienced WOW Service will look forward to coming back to your restaurant. These customers are your top form of marketing. Word of mouth will spread as you perfect the WOW Steps of Service Program. Word of mouth is the number one source of advertisement for any restaurant, and best of all it is free.

Did you know that the average person has an email address book, Facebook or Twitter account with over 150 to 300+ friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances?

When a person leaves your restaurant receiving great customer service it creates a positive memorable event. In return they spread the news to everyone they know. Of course, not everyone will visit your restaurant because of what he/she heard. However, it only takes a handful of people to make a huge impact on building your sales.

Here is an example, you have a restaurant that seats 50 guests or more and your restaurant has WOW service and you have served at least 50 guests during an evening. This is a low estimate since you’ll likely seat each table more than once. Then those 50 guests will tell their friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. You receive four guests for every 50 people that talked about the great service. Then you have gained two hundred new guests. If they also receive WOW Service, then they will spread the word. At that rate, it would not take long for you to have a line of guest waiting at the door. People are willing to wait for fantastic service. That is building a reputation one guest at a time.

Why are people going to take the word of mouth over costly advertising on the radio or TV? Most people trust someone they know much more than someone they see on an ad. Because the level of trust that you have established into that person, it is called the trust of information factor. You trust that person, and therefore it is reliable information.

I am 13 and take Accutane at for 3 weeks. I am quite young but I have had acne since I was 10. I take 10 mg during the day. It is very difficult for me to swallow the tablets. But I am very satisfied with the result.

Maybe you consistently have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising. Instead, invest a few thousand dollars to get top-notch training ONCE! Then make sure your management and serving staff maintain that consistent WOW Service Program.

How can you benefit in word-of-mouth marketing?

The key is in your hand and you just have to open the door, it’s that simple. It’s starts with great service, like our WOW Service Program. A great investment would be for our trainers to come out and provide the first level of training. We can provide an going regularly service to review and retrain your employees. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We have put together a proven program in the WOW Service Program. It works; you just need to maintain it consistently. Many restaurants all throughout the United States use programs like the WOW Service Program and they are successful. Let’s ask that question again, how can you benefit from word of mouth marketing, it’s as simple as following a program with one, two, three, four, five and six steps of service executed perfectly. If you follow our program, it will result in the word of your WOW service spreading from your guests to their friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.

What can Workplace Wizards do for your restaurant?

We can help train and mold your service staff into top quality servers by using the Restaurant Server Service Steps. We will teach them the benefits of the WOW Service program. We will get them to “own” the program. Our trainers have over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry. The trainers have experience as servers and understand the challenges and rewards of the server’s position.

We have expert trainers and expert restaurant staff all combined into our terrific WOW Service Program. With many years of experience in training, and over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, we can make it work for you.

Customer service is the key to your success, you can have great food and well-presented staff, but you lack WOW service, and that alone will limit your success.

Call us today for a free consultation about how we can serve you. You can purchase the Restaurant Server Service Steps Form, the Restaurant Server Service Steps Test and Answer Key or for a great deal, you can purchase the bonus bundle of all Server Forms.

Our Server training packages includes:

  • Review of your menu, policies and procedures to make sure our staff are on target with your needs.
  • Our staff on-site for the training for eight hour shifts days, evenings, nights or weekends. We recommend several days of training with some real service time where we can monitor and coach your staff.
  • Training on the fundamentals of server position
  • Server handbooks
  • Training service staff in a hands-on training
  • Training through proven training techniques
  • Restaurant Server Steps of Service presentation with a upbeat live Instructor
  • All tests and paperwork including; Server tests, Restaurant Server Service Steps tests
  • Question and answers
  • Top-notch trainers who have server experience
  • Games and activities that will provide motivation and incentive to servers-in-training

We can also train managers, cooks, dishwashers, bussers, greeters and bartenders:


All we ask of you is:

  • Advance copies of menus, policies and procedures at your restaurant, and any other relevant information about your restaurant. if you don’t have any policies or procedures or an employee handbook, then we can work with you to create it before our training.
  • A meeting room, or your dining room where we can do the training
  • A location for our viewing monitor screen or access to your TV Screens from our laptop
  • Motivational awards and incentives for the staff such as gift cards, movie tickets, etc.
  • If your location is more than 30 minutes away from our location, but within a reasonable driving distance, then we add transportation or mileage costs. If we are traveling out of state, then we ask for airfare and accommodations for our trainers.

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