Kitchen Training Checklist

Kitchen Training Checklist

This kitchen training checklist is a 6-page document and will help you ensure that each kitchen employee receives training at all levels of the kitchen positions. You’ll also know what to train yourkitchen staff on. Do you really want to throw your new hire into a training position without an agenda? I have been in a large number of restaurants where they assign the new hires to one of the existing cooks. There is no training agenda; therefore the new hire most likely will be receiving inferior training.

There needs to be some sort of training program with a training sign off sheet to keep track and document the progression of the training. The kitchen training sign off sheet is the perfect checklist to ensure the employee receives the proper training and that nothing is missed.

Holding your managers accountable in regards to this checklist is of the utmost importance. Also, your employees need to be held accountable as well.  The use of this checklist as long as your managers and employees follow protocol will be beneficial.

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Kitchen Training Checklist

6 Page Document

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kitchen training checklists

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