Food Handler Training

The Food Handler Training does not have a final exam. This class will educate all food handlers in food safety / sanitation.


Why is food handling important?

Why should I invest in food handler training for my food service staff?

Each staff member who takes this training will have better knowledge in food safety and sanitation. This will help reduce the possibility of foodborne illness.

90% of restaurants fail in the first year, leaving only 10% that actually survive. Some of the reasons why these restaurants close the first year are:

  • The guest got sick or severely ill due to unsafe food safety practices.
  • The health department closed your restaurant due to food safety related issues. The public can view restaurant health department finding. This will impact repeat business dramatically.
  • A lawsuit can take a big bite off of your bottom line leaving you penniless

To prevent this happening to your restaurant investing in food handler training is a small price to pay compared to risking losing everything you worked so hard for.

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Food and Alcohol Certification

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