Restaurant Dining Room Table Layout

Restaurant Dining Room Table Layout Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Restaurant Dining Room Layout Chart

Does your restaurant have a dining room table layout? How do you handle the seating for your waiters and waitresses? Do you have sections set out for different numbers of servers on duty? Well, if you don’t or you need to improve on your current layout, then this is just what you need! This restaurant dining room table layout is a great resource to allow you to set up your restaurant to sections for your servers. You can have any layout and any number of servers.

Once you develop the basic template, it is simple to move that layout to set up the chart for any number of servers.

Using the restaurant dining room table layout will eliminate double seating servers. If used correctly and consistently your servers will receive the same amount of tables as the other servers which will decrease server complaints that they were skipped. Occasionally you will have a server who will take it upon themselves to skip everyone else and seat themselves instead of sticking to the rotation. It is best to assign only one person to seat the door and to instruct the servers to not tell the greeter to seat them especially when it is not their turn to be seated.

To create the restaurant dining room table layout chart is very simple. We have provided written instructions and a video tutorial which can be found below. You begin by creating your restaurant dining room layout on the template sheet. Once you create the first chart on the template page, then you can copy and paste the completed chart onto each 2 server chart, three server chart etc…

The table seating chart once you create it on your template can be duplicated to all of the other server section charts.

Once you are done with that process you can start creating your server sections for each server chart. Then you can go to Staples or wherever to laminate them. Use a three hole punch and store them into a hard binder. Mark the outside of the binder server seating charts.

Assign for example, four servers by using the 4 server section chart, it is that easy. Use colored dry erase markers to write your server name onto the chart along with the shift. If you do not have the time to invest in creating this chart workplace wizards will be glad to assist you for a low cost additional charge. Call us at: (800) 753-0657 or (717) 774-3698. You can email us at:

Restaurant Dining Room Layout
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet


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