Restaurant Cooking and Cooling Log

Restaurant Cooking and Cooling Log

This is a great resource and log to track the cooking and cooling temperatures of food.
The Cooking and Cooling Log will help the kitchen staff to remain accountable for the safety of food temperatures. This will keep your chefs and cooks informed and on target with food temperatures. There are some other great resources on this site that can be used in conjunction with this form.

Using the restaurant cooking and cooling log correctly will help prevent harmful bacteria from growing in foods that are served to your customers.

The managers before each meal period should use the restaurant cooking and cooling log to record all cooking temperatures in the kitchen. Monitoring the temperatures will help the manager know when food is in the temperature Danger zone.

What is the Temperature Danger Zone?

The Danger Zone is when the Food Temperatures fall in between 40°F and 140°F.

Cold foods should be stored at 40°F or below. Hot foods stored at 140°F or above.

Foods that are in the temperature danger zone for more than 4 hours pose a serious health risk to your customers. The health risk could cause the customers to get sick or die. Do you really want to put your restaurant in jeopardy? Do you realize that this could lead to a law suit or possibly a store closure simply because you failed to keep the foods safe for human consumption? What about your restaurants reputation?

Be proactive and have your team use the Cooking and Cooling Log.

Cooking and Cooling Log

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