Restaurant Employee Request Off Form

Employee Request Off Form

The employee request off form is used to record employees request of time for example, vacations, mini vacations, birthdays, death in family etc. Employees may request time off using this form. It is also a record of what they requested, should any questions arise later. Have you ever had an issue with employees requesting off and you just could not approve it and the employee did not show up for the shift thinking they has off? This occurs more often then you would think.   A request off simply means a request not an immediate approval. There are several reasons why a request would be denied.

  • Too many employees requested of the same day.
  • Not enough employees scheduled to accommodate your guest.
  • The employee who is requesting off for example: requested off the weekend two weeks in a row, other employees need a fair shake.
  • Major Holidays – Mothers day, fathers day and valentines day are major revenue generators. You need a full strong staff scheduled.
  • Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter everyone wants off.
  • Seniority.
  • Etc.

If done correctly the Request Off Form will alleviate issues. Have the employee fill out the form and read it thoroughly before any consideration for an approval and before signing it. Make sure you tell the employee that it is just an request until it is either approved or denied. If an employee requested off and assumed it was approved without actually speaking to the manager or signing the form before a decision was made and does not show up for the shift it is considered a no show no call.

Request Off Form 

employee request off form

Request Off Form 

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