Restaurant Food Order Form

The Restaurant Food Order Form

The Restaurant Food Order Form is a 6-Page Document with Instructions and tips on how to best use this form.

The Restaurant Food Order Form is a fantastic tool to help eliminate under ordering and over-ordering of food, drink and paper supplies.

Save the restaurant food order form on your computer’s desktop or in a designated folder.

There are 41 rows per order sheet, 205 rows total. Set the sheets up by the Inventory Area (examples: freezer, walk-in, and dry storage.) Enter the product codes, products and packaging per row for each Inventory Area.

Inv Column: Enter the amount of food on hand in the Inv column.

Par Column:     Enter the amount of each product needed to get through an order period without running out or having too much on hand.

Order Column: This is the amount of product that is needed. To determine this amount use this formula: Par minus Inv equals ORDER.

Restaurant Food Order Form

Example               restaurant food order form

Par Column: You may need several food orders completed so that you can determine the correct amount of food to order (Par) without running out or over ordering. Compare the previous orders to the present order.

Rule of thumb: You can periodically adjust your Par Amount by comparing the previous orders(Inv /Par / Order) Figures

Example: If you are consistently running out of French fries, then adjust the Par Amount by 1 or 2 cases. If you are over-ordering, then decrease the Par Amount to a number that you are comfortable with.

Maybe you are having weekly or monthly promotions, then you can adjust the food order sheet with that particular item. When you are removing something off the menu simply remove all the information off of the restaurant food order form for that item. The beauty of it is once you set up the form it is easy street from that point on. Every time you place a food order just print and fill in the order column, it is that simple.

Why use this form?

Constantly running out of product during the shifts will affect customer service.

Example: A guest comes to your restaurant because of a certain product that you have on your menu, that guest places that order with the server. The server places that order with the kitchen. The Cook tells the server that that product is not available because they ran out of it. The Server now has to explain to the guest that the restaurant ran out of that product. If you are consistently running out of food from day to day it will affect repeat business?  Yes, it will affect your repeat business big time.

What happens when you over order food or drinks? You will tie up more of your money in food and drink levels. Food spoilage may occur when there is too much food on hand or more than you need for any given period.

When you utilize the restaurant food order form you will be able to tweak your food and drink orders levels to a safe number without running out of food or over ordering.

Rule of thumb: Have a seven day supply on hand for your key items. If you have promotions that are no longer active, then remove them from your restaurant food order form. Try to incorporate food products into more than one recipe.  Order your produce locally; try to order it as frequently as possible.  Receiving produce orders frequently will eliminate spoilage and will give you quality and the freshest product available.

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Restaurant Food Order Form


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restaurant food order form

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restaurant food order form

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